From 07/08/2012 to 08/06/2012


10:47 PM Revision 7350 (metacat): when updating a document on a remote server, we still need to use the previous docid to check that the user has permissions to do so (rather than the new id that is obsoleting the old id). This was discovered by M Servilla at LTER.
ben leinfelder
05:52 PM Bug #5644: "Too man open files" error when running 3 Metacat/Geoserver webapps together
I think the 'open file' limit is set too low. Nick, could you increase this, maybe to 'unlimited', or some large numb... Derik Barseghian
07:35 AM Bug #5644 (Resolved): "Too man open files" error when running 3 Metacat/Geoserver webapps together
Derik and I tried to deploy PAR, ESA and EVOS Metacat instances (and corresponding Geoserver webapps) under the same ... ben leinfelder
03:56 PM Bug #5647 (Closed): Lack of access rights for "previous" datafile prevent saving
I believe this problem was the culprit for [some of] James Wilkins' problems saving datapackages to Metacat.
Here's ...
ben leinfelder
11:08 AM Revision 7348 (metacat): remove unused "dataonelogger"
ben leinfelder
10:40 AM Revision 7347 (metacat): prep for 2.0.3 release
ben leinfelder


02:27 PM Revision 7346 (metacat): allow SM resynch to be executed any time, not just during start up. ben leinfelder
01:01 PM Revision 7345 (metacat): change to debug log level when processing shared/local pids)
ben leinfelder
10:41 AM Revision 7344 (metacat): only lock the missing pid event if we know we have it locally to contribute. ben leinfelder
09:26 AM Revision 7343 (metacat): Add locking to the itemAdded() method so ideally only one CN will respond to the request for a 'wanted' pid from the cluster. The lock is on a string, not the pid, and so won't conflict with system metadata locking. The string is based on the pid, with "missing-" as a prefix.
Chris Jones
08:53 AM Revision 7342 (metacat): only publish to the missing pid "wanted list" when resynching system metadata. we were seeing redundant entry added/updated events when looking up the shared systemmetadata first.
ben leinfelder


10:18 PM Revision 7341 (metacat): print the missing pid count, not the total shared pid count so we know how many will be processed.
ben leinfelder
05:50 PM Revision 7340 (metacat): change the system metadata resynch approach: nodes will publish PIDs that they are missing after inspecting the shared identifier set. other nodes will be listening for the "wanted" pids and will put their local copy of SystemMetadata on the shared SM map. This should dramatically decrease the hazelcast chatter during a resynch and targets only the pids that are missing from any of the various nodes.
ben leinfelder


10:40 PM Revision 7339 (metacat): logging for processing identifier set on restart.
ben leinfelder
07:00 PM Revision 7338 (metacat): remove possibility for infinite loop in case data replication is not configured for the server and a data file is encountered (yikes!)
ben leinfelder
05:33 PM Revision 7337 (metacat): added logging debug statements to see where the replication timeout might be occurring.
ben leinfelder


07:12 AM Revision 7336 (metacat): use correct EZID account names for the three different nodes. ben leinfelder


10:12 PM Revision 7335 (metacat): align the final column headers with the datacite schema, as applicable. ben leinfelder
06:34 PM Revision 7334 (metacat): add block for finding and updating records that should be marked as archived. ben leinfelder
01:46 PM Revision 7333 (metacat): use DataCite isNewVersionOf/isPreviousVersionOf for revision history
ben leinfelder


04:27 PM Revision 7332 (metacat): include JCS jar as it is a runtime dependency for d1_libclient's object caching.
ben leinfelder
04:26 PM Revision 7331 (metacat): check for null archived flag in ORE SM ben leinfelder
12:08 PM Revision 7330 (metacat): check if the caller is the Node admin (the member node calling itself) as well as the existing check for the CN calling the service. Both of those callers should be given full admin rights.
ben leinfelder


03:26 PM Revision 7329 (metacat): add note about DataONE CA chain file when configuring MNs at Tier 2+
ben leinfelder


05:13 PM Revision 7328 (metacat): not every EML file has an ORE datapackage descriptor -- join only to those when setting the resourceMapId
ben leinfelder
04:29 PM Revision 7327 (metacat): correctly use document revision for object format and resource map joins.
ben leinfelder
11:55 AM Revision 7326 (metacat): use local Set processing to determine which pids (if any) should be contributed to the shared set by this node during the resync. Should save time rather than checking each and every pid against the shared set.
ben leinfelder


03:44 PM Revision 7325 (metacat): move the hzIdentifiers initialization into the resync thread so that it does not affect start up time. cleaned up unused methods and superfluous code.
ben leinfelder
02:28 PM Revision 7324 (metacat): use correct children of 'publisher' element
ben leinfelder
10:51 AM Revision 7323 (metacat): only load local pids into hzIdentifiers if t hey do not already exist in the shared set. increase logging severity and detail of messages emitted during this process to get a better sense of what is taking so long.
ben leinfelder


02:38 PM Revision 7322 (metacat): utility methods to update/reserialize existing ORE maps that were generated with older foresite (and included bad dateTime strings). ben leinfelder


10:11 AM Revision 7321 (metacat): include the resourceMapId for the metadata objects, not just the data files.
ben leinfelder
08:56 AM Revision 7320 (metacat): updated LDAP dump and corrected missing entries that had been removed from LDAP.
ben leinfelder


03:57 PM Revision 7319 (metacat): On the coordinating Nodes, we often get McdbDocNotFoundExceptions for data (doctype == 'BIN') documents because they are not synchronized to the CNs. Change the logging to only print the stack trace during load() and loadAll() when log debug is enabled.
Chris Jones
01:34 PM Revision 7318 (metacat): check for invalid (!) pids. thanks, M. Reyes for catching this ben leinfelder
12:06 PM Revision 7317 (metacat): only look up the client timeout property once, not every time we make a call ben leinfelder
11:46 AM Revision 7316 (metacat): improve content type handling during the get() calls ben leinfelder
11:09 AM Revision 7315 (metacat): check for whitespace in identifiers during create() and update() ben leinfelder
10:22 AM Revision 7314 (metacat): remove semtools skin as a configured skin -- will need to add that if we ever get back to deploying a semtools instance.
ben leinfelder
10:19 AM Revision 7313 (metacat): configurable replication client timeout ben leinfelder


07:57 AM Revision 7310 (metacat): order the listObjects() results by identifier to mitigate random paged results ben leinfelder


04:04 PM Revision 7309 (metacat): correct the parameter/value setting in the prepared statements for retrieving log information.
ben leinfelder
12:21 PM Revision 7307 (metacat): use docid, not the guid when returning the accesscontrol block
ben leinfelder


05:05 PM Revision 7306 (metacat): handle null givenNames from the LDAP dump.
ben leinfelder
04:38 PM Revision 7305 (metacat): make sure we only get the publisher text content (not attribute value)
ben leinfelder
03:05 PM Revision 7303 (metacat): DOI registration:
-include more revision history based on the identifier table not just the generated SM metadata
-include ecogrid data...
ben leinfelder
02:59 PM Revision 7302 (metacat): include new libclient jar that uses encoded pids in the resolve URLs ben leinfelder


04:46 PM Revision 7301 (metacat): update D1 jars in preparation for 2.0.2 release. NOTE: still need libclient jar that includes ORE changes for encoding PIDs in resolve URLs
ben leinfelder
04:26 PM Revision 7300 (metacat): prep for 2.0.2 release by updating the version numbers.
ben leinfelder
02:12 PM Revision 7299 (metacat): include dataone.ore.downloaddata as a configurable property in case MNs (like LTER) want to have the process download externally-stored data files described in an EML data package.
ben leinfelder
12:29 PM Revision 7298 (metacat): updated foresite (snapshot) to include dateTime serialization fix. ben leinfelder
10:20 AM Revision 7297 (metacat): set date SM modified when we are setting obsoletes/obsoletedBy/archived values. This way the CN can actualy pick up the changes in revision history.
ben leinfelder


04:58 PM Revision 7296 (metacat): update creator and publisher using LDAP dump. unfortunately LDAP has shifted over the years and not all identities are still active in LDAP...but we did get quite a few creator names updated! ben leinfelder
04:23 PM Revision 7295 (metacat): log error when looking up non-existent local SM rather than completely bombing out of the resynch thread.
ben leinfelder
10:46 AM Revision 7294 (metacat): include parameter for deleting system metadata records (or not). Intending to also use this for
ben leinfelder


10:05 AM Revision 7293 (metacat): look up docid using mapped guid when checking permission on described data file
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