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# Date Author Comment
5030 08/24/2009 02:34 PM daigle

Change location of PropertyService to properties directory

4080 07/06/2008 09:25 PM daigle

Merge 1.9 changes into Head

3077 11/10/2006 10:25 AM Matt Jones

Removed the release ant token from all files in 'src'.

2728 11/10/2005 01:22 PM sgarg

New function which returns the formatted left join query. This is required as Oracle and postgres have different left join syntax

2723 11/08/2005 02:03 PM Jing Tao

Add class as parent class add method.

2722 11/08/2005 02:02 PM Jing Tao

Add method as parent class adding method.

2721 11/08/2005 02:02 PM Jing Tao

Add method as parent class adding a method.

2720 11/08/2005 02:01 PM Jing Tao

Add a method to get doc list query.

1749 07/23/2003 11:55 AM Jing Tao

Revise the toDate method for sql server.

1748 07/23/2003 11:53 AM Jing Tao

Get rid of toDate method and inherit from AbstractAdapter directly.

1747 07/23/2003 11:52 AM Jing Tao

Get rid of toDate method. It inherentise from AbstractAdaptor.

1746 07/23/2003 11:50 AM Jing Tao

Add a concrete method toDate which can transfer text string to date type.

1745 07/21/2003 06:35 PM Jing Tao

Add new method to handle toDate function.

1136 05/23/2002 10:30 PM Jing Tao

Change back to pass Connection a parameter.

1135 05/23/2002 10:29 PM Jing Tao

Change back to pass connection as parameter.

1134 05/23/2002 10:28 PM Jing Tao

Change back to pass connection as a parameter. Because new connection will cause an error.

1133 05/23/2002 10:26 PM Jing Tao

Change back to pass connection as paramter in getUniqueID, otherwise new connection will cause a error:
sequence XML_NODES_ID_SEQ.CURRVAL is not yet defined in this session

1129 05/23/2002 08:39 PM Jing Tao

Using getDBConenction rather than pass connection as parameter.

1128 05/23/2002 08:38 PM Jing Tao

Using getDBConnection rather than pass connection as a parameter.

1127 05/23/2002 08:36 PM Jing Tao

Using getDBConnection method rather than a parameter.

1126 05/23/2002 08:35 PM Jing Tao

Change the prototype of method getUniqeID

899 01/18/2002 10:24 AM berkley

made a ton of changes related to keeping oracle SQL code out of the main classes. fixed a bug where the timing of the index thread was off so when it went to index a document, the document was not already in xml_documents thus breaking the FK relation between xml_documents and xml_index. I think that bug might be the reason for the blank resultset screens in morpho. made the postgres implementation much more robust.

778 06/08/2001 12:10 PM bojilova

changed all mentions of DBAdapter to the new name AbstractDatabase

775 06/08/2001 11:42 AM bojilova

rename the DB* classes to:

773 06/06/2001 01:49 PM bojilova

included new function that returns db specific non-null function name

757 05/31/2001 05:18 PM bojilova

- new db adapter for MS SQL Server
- changed the getUniqueID(conn, tableName) to return the last generated by the db unique ID
instead of generating unique ID first by the appl and then supplied to the insert,
because SQL Server doesn't have capabilities
unique ID to be generated on the client and then supplied to the insert.

753 05/24/2001 11:07 AM harris

changed the getDate method to getDateTime and changed the return
string in the postgresql implementation to "now()" from now()::date

751 05/24/2001 10:20 AM bojilova

change the method name getDateString() to getDateFunction()
return "now()::date" in the DBPostgresql implementation of that method

750 05/24/2001 09:01 AM harris

The Postgres implementation of the dbadapter package, still needs testing and
the getDate... method just returns the db function to return the date; to retreive the
current time is a second function so we may want to add a second method to return the
current time.

746 05/23/2001 03:06 PM bojilova

the abstract DBAdapter class and its Oracle implementation
for the new dbadapter package