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423 08/31/2000 02:20 PM berkley

changed xslf for new returnfield scheme. the returnfields are now returned as <param name="<returnfield>"> tags.
hThe sql for the returnfield query was redone to fix a previous problem with slow queries

421 08/30/2000 11:19 AM bojilova

cleared static methods in AccessionNumber classes for fixing bug found
when multiple requests to the servlet at a time.

415 08/28/2000 01:28 PM Matt Jones

Minor update to remove unneeded constructor in DocumentImpl class.

413 08/25/2000 04:18 PM bojilova

for getDoctypes() added
WHERE entry_type='DTD' condition in the select statement

411 08/25/2000 01:49 PM bojilova

Changes with Srb authentication: including quering of Srb/MCAT during the Srb connection for:
- groupname of connected user
- list of groups and users in MCAT for ACL function for MetaCat

408 08/24/2000 06:28 PM Matt Jones

Continued code redesign for the DocumentImpl class. Now the "delete" and
"write" methods are static, so a DocumentImpl objject need not be created
in order to initiate a INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE action (it is created
implicitly by the DBSAXHandler). When doing a "READ" action, one still...

407 08/24/2000 04:47 PM Matt Jones

Folded the functionality from DBWriter into DocumentImpl, continuing the
work started earlir to create a more DOM-like model for the classes, in
which a single DocumentImpl class handles both reading and writing of
documents to the database. Modified shell scripts and MetaCatServlet to...

405 08/23/2000 03:55 PM berkley

changed the field names to be case-sensitive in the returnfields

402 08/23/2000 10:29 AM berkley

added support for the returnfield parameter
-QuerySpecification now sets a flag (containsExtendedSQL) when there are returnfield items in the pathquery document.
the accessor method containsExtendedSQL() can be called by other classes to check for extended return parameters...

401 08/23/2000 10:22 AM berkley

added support for the returnfield parameter
-added the dynamic parameters to the returned hash table of documents

400 08/23/2000 10:20 AM berkley

added support for the returnfield parameter

396 08/22/2000 11:56 PM Matt Jones

Folded the functionality from DBSAXDocument into the DocumentImpl class.
Now DocumentImpl handles both the reads and the writes to the database.
Eventually, it will implment the full DOM Document interface. Eliminated
the file as it is no longer relevant....

394 08/22/2000 10:34 PM Matt Jones

Removed because the functionality of that class has been
replaced by the more efficient DocumentImpl class.

393 08/22/2000 10:32 PM Matt Jones

Created new class "DocumentImpl" which represents an XML Document. This
document will eventually implment the DOM Document interface. For now,
it implments all of the functionality that was present in DBReader, plus
cuts down on the number of database calls required to read a document. And...

389 08/21/2000 02:55 PM Matt Jones

Updated documentation for

388 08/21/2000 02:52 PM Matt Jones

Modified the DBReader and ElementNode classes to more efficiently read
documents from the database. In the old implementation, a db connection
was opened for each and every node in a document, recursively fromthe root
node. In the new implementation, all of the data from xml_nodes is...

385 08/18/2000 03:44 PM berkley

marineServlet now overrides the transformQuery() function to allow it to put the values back into the text boxes of the xsl stylesheet rendered form.

384 08/18/2000 03:41 PM berkley

-fixed the bug where a pathquery document was not valid inside of the <query> tags in a resultset document.
-provided override support for a new function called transformQuery() which allows specific applications to
customize what is returned in the <query> tag

383 08/18/2000 11:05 AM Matt Jones

Fixed small bug in transforming the document to HTML. If there was
no stylesheet for a given doctype, and so the transformation couldn't
occur, the XML doc was returned, but the content-type was still set
(incorrectly) to html. Now it is not set to text/html when an xml doc is...

382 08/18/2000 10:56 AM berkley

removed extraneous protected tags and replaced them with private tags

380 08/18/2000 10:38 AM Matt Jones

Modified behavior of handleSQuery() to now send the resultset document
back to the client application -- this was a bug introduced by recent
changes to the servlet. Also, generally cleaned up the servlet to
produce cleaner documentation and removed some extraneous code and remarks....

376 08/17/2000 03:21 PM berkley

changed to work with the new MetaCatServlet model. marineServlet now only overwrites one method in MetaCatServlet.

375 08/17/2000 03:20 PM berkley

changed the prototype of overwritable functions to "protected" instead of "private".

374 08/17/2000 11:06 AM bojilova

change the resultset format for DataGuide

373 08/17/2000 09:04 AM berkley

Changed the flow of query and SQuery. SQuery now only handles a preformatted pathquery document as input (in the "query" parameter).
HandleQuery now handles all structured queries derived by CGI parameters.

372 08/17/2000 09:02 AM berkley

Made changes to createSQuery to allow for multiple parameters of the same name. Also changed the param list to include only "Hashtable params" without a "String doctype" since the doctype is already contained in the params.

371 08/16/2000 01:08 PM berkley

fixed bug with handleSQuery() that kept DMan from access the squery functionality

370 08/16/2000 11:48 AM berkley

- created transformResultset() which transforms an xml resultset document and displays it to the client useing DBTransform
- renamed transformDocument() to createResultDocument() and modified its functionality to only return a restultset xml document
- changed handleSQuery() and handleQuery() to use the new methods

361 08/15/2000 01:48 PM berkley

remove handleQueryAction() in favor of directly calling handleQuery() and handleSQuery() from doGetOrPost()

360 08/15/2000 01:02 PM bojilova

Cleared hardcoded paths for the location of .html files and use
the new "htmlpath" property from file

355 08/15/2000 08:58 AM berkley

Added decodeMouseAction(Hashtable) to decode the mouse click action outside of handleGetOrPost to allow for easy modification of images in a different application.

354 08/14/2000 03:31 PM berkley

added new constructor to allow the creation of a metacatutil object that uses a properties file other than edu.ucsb.nceas.metacat.metacat.

351 08/14/2000 02:28 PM berkley

Broke up handleQueryAction into handleQuery, handleSQuery, runQuery and transformDocument. handleQueryAction is now a base function which makes calls to each of these functions to create, run and transform a query from CGI parameters.

350 08/14/2000 02:26 PM berkley

Added createSQuery() to handle structured queries of an arbitrary number of parameters. Also modified createQuery() to handle a null query in a graceful manner.

349 08/14/2000 01:53 PM Matt Jones

Added "release" keyword to all metacat source files so that the release
number will be evident in software distributions.

348 08/14/2000 01:43 PM Matt Jones

Updated build process to now use a copy of the source files so that keyword
substitution can ocur before the build. This allows for substitution of
hardcoded values into the source before the compile. Currently, I am
using this feature to do the following:...

346 08/14/2000 11:27 AM bojilova

added Logout handling

345 08/14/2000 11:11 AM bojilova

clear lib dir from paths like xmltodb/lib/something.html

344 08/14/2000 10:59 AM bojilova

on "DELETE" added delete from xml_index table for a given docid
before delete from xml_documents, b' of foreign key in xml_index(docid)
to xml_documents(docid)

343 08/11/2000 03:20 PM Matt Jones

Changed exception handling mechanisms for DBReader

342 08/11/2000 11:26 AM berkley

added createSQuery

341 08/11/2000 11:25 AM berkley

broke up handleQueryAction into handleQuery, handleSQuery, runQuery and transformDocument

339 08/10/2000 03:39 PM Matt Jones

changed getRootNode method from public to private

337 08/10/2000 02:48 PM bojilova

replaced some deprecated methods with the new v2.2 of Java Servlet API

336 08/10/2000 02:47 PM bojilova

changed paths, b' of new dev server

333 08/10/2000 11:59 AM bojilova

added HTTPSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(-1)
for every new Session - never to expire

332 08/10/2000 11:56 AM bojilova

added "anonymous" user connection

329 08/08/2000 05:39 PM Matt Jones

-Reorganized xmltodb module to support new install process for the new
linux server ( Added "" shell script that
calls ant withthe proper umask set for installation. Use:

./ install

to post a new copy of the servlet and its supporting files to the install...

328 08/07/2000 05:31 PM bojilova

rearrange html pages for login and metacat access

323 08/07/2000 08:13 AM berkley

no message

320 08/04/2000 04:34 PM bojilova

more precise handling of the Connection Pool

318 08/04/2000 08:32 AM berkley

no message

316 08/03/2000 04:20 PM bojilova

Changes related to "getdataguide" action

315 08/03/2000 04:19 PM bojilova

doctype attr in xml_index table has been added
so changed the getDataGuide routine to select for paths by given doctype

314 08/03/2000 04:17 PM bojilova

DBSAXNode constructor simplified

313 08/03/2000 04:17 PM bojilova

Call to DBSAXNode constructor simplified

312 08/03/2000 04:15 PM bojilova

Added public method to return the rootnodeid of the document

311 08/02/2000 04:26 PM bojilova

Added support for "anonymous" user

310 08/01/2000 01:08 PM bojilova

no message

309 08/01/2000 11:26 AM bojilova

added Pool of Connections
DBQuery, DBReader, DBTransform, DBUtil are created on every request and use the connections from the Pool
same with DBWriter and DBValidate

307 07/28/2000 03:05 PM berkley

no message

304 07/28/2000 12:00 PM berkley

no message

302 07/27/2000 04:12 PM bojilova

Added "getdoctypes" and "getdataguide" action handlers

301 07/27/2000 04:08 PM bojilova

utility class for reading various of data from db

298 07/26/2000 03:26 PM berkley

no message

297 07/26/2000 01:48 PM bojilova

Added "Login Client" action for login from the Desktop Client

296 07/26/2000 01:40 PM higgins

no message

295 07/26/2000 08:28 AM berkley

Added marine files to metacat package

294 07/18/2000 11:40 AM bojilova

no message

274 07/13/2000 11:21 AM bojilova

no message

253 06/30/2000 06:09 PM Matt Jones

252 06/30/2000 04:53 PM bojilova

finished user auth & session tracking

251 06/30/2000 04:42 PM bojilova

finished user auth & session tracking

245 06/29/2000 05:52 PM Matt Jones

changed char stream to byte stream

243 06/29/2000 04:27 PM Matt Jones

Fixed bug in DBEntityResolver so that it now properly delegates to
the system id found inthe database.
Changed DBValidate to use DBEntityResolver, rather than the OASIS
catalog, and to return validation results in XML format.

237 06/29/2000 02:03 PM bojilova

testing login

234 06/29/2000 01:05 PM bojilova

testing login

233 06/29/2000 12:08 PM bojilova

testing login

232 06/29/2000 11:42 AM bojilova

testing login

231 06/29/2000 10:54 AM bojilova

testing login

230 06/29/2000 10:45 AM bojilova

testing login

229 06/29/2000 10:40 AM bojilova

testing login

228 06/29/2000 10:28 AM bojilova

testing login

227 06/29/2000 10:03 AM bojilova

testing login

226 06/29/2000 09:50 AM bojilova

testing login

225 06/29/2000 09:37 AM bojilova

testing login

224 06/28/2000 04:47 PM bojilova

testing login

223 06/28/2000 04:19 PM bojilova


221 06/28/2000 01:17 PM bojilova


220 06/27/2000 08:14 PM Matt Jones

Fixed bug where TEXT nodes couldn't be longer than 4000 characters, which
is the maximum length of a VARCHAR2 field in Oracle. Now, if text
exceeds the field length, I break the text up into a series of TEXT
nodes each of the max field length, and the remainder in the last...

219 06/27/2000 07:36 PM Matt Jones

Added feature to now ouput COMMENTs and PIs when the document is
read from the database with DBReader.

215 06/27/2000 05:00 PM bojilova

changed to

213 06/27/2000 04:53 PM Matt Jones

Added srbrmi classes for authentication support

212 06/27/2000 03:43 PM bojilova

changed to use username/password entered on login

210 06/27/2000 02:25 PM bojilova

changes releted to login and session tracking

209 06/27/2000 02:24 PM bojilova

New- class that encapsulates session creation and user authentication

205 06/26/2000 09:50 PM Matt Jones

Updated javadoc documentation.

204 06/26/2000 09:31 PM Matt Jones

Fixed bugs associated with the new UPDATE and DELETE functions of
DBWriter. There were problematic interactions between some static
variables used in DBEntityResolver and the way in which the
Servlet objects are re-used across multiple client invocations....

203 06/26/2000 03:35 AM Matt Jones

Merged in substantial changes to DBWriter and associated classes and to
the MetaCatServlet in order to accomodate the new UPDATE and DELETE
functions. The command line tools and the parameters for the
servlet have changed substantially.

186 06/23/2000 12:09 PM Matt Jones

Fixed bug in DBWriter using the new SAX2 interface. Turned out it was a bug in xerces-1_1_1, which was fixed by Andy Clark after I reported it.