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Revision 10056

Added by Bryce Mecum over 7 years ago

Continue work on ISO XSLT

- Cleans up the root element to better match what we want in the end (looks like the EML XSLT)
- Switches a lot of calls to call-template over to apply-templates. I think this is a good idea because the ISO standards use XSD type equivalence to extend existing schemas. e.g., gmx:Anchors can show up when the gmd schema says only a gco:CharacterString should go there
- Adds support for a lot more element types
- Cleans up indentation. I'm probably going to want to change this later but oh well. At least it's the same across files. Sorry if you don't like two-space soft tabs.
- Removes numerous unused templates and puts some into the iso-md XSLT which should probably get called something else anyways

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