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Revision 1929

Added by brooke over 20 years ago

This is the merge from the branch WEB_UI_REDESIGN_BRANCH back into the head.
The only files that have been removed are those in lib/style/eml2; other files
that have been cvs removed (only from lib/ and lib/style) have been re-added
elsewhere (i.e. moved from one directory to another).
New files have also been added as follows:

/lib/style/common - this contains common xsl stylesheets and any other files
which are common to the web interface, no matter what "skin" is chosen.

/lib/style/skins - this contains a subdirectory for each of the available skins.

The names of the subdirectories contained within this "skins" directory
correspond directly with the values of the "qformat" parameter sent as part of
the user request. The system will automatically look in the correct folder under
style/skins/ based on this value. In there, it expects to find the following
(substitute the real value for {qformat}):

subdirectory is style/skins/{qformat}

it contains:

- contains url settings for the globally-included header/left sidebar/right
sidebar/footer, where applicable

- contains the css styles for customizing the presentation of the HTML sent
back to the client. Also contains the size settings for the
globally-included header/left sidebar/right sidebar/footer, where

- contains the mappings from doctype-> xsl stylesheet, so the system knows
which stylesheet to use for styling any particular requested document.

- any other content referenced in any of these files (for example, it may
contain the html for the header, footer etc, and their associated
images, if these are not pulled from a separate site)

The build.xml file has had the main user-configurable parameters pulled out into
the new file, making it easier to find and edit these values.

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