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Revision 1952

Added by Matt Jones over 19 years ago

New build system that creates a war file and deploys it to tomcat. Also
updated the web.xml files so that a better servlet path is used. Now, by
default, the servlet path will be: /knb/metacat (as opposed to the
prior servlet path which was /knb/servlet/metacat and depended on the
"invoker" feature of tomcat3 that is not by default enabled in tomcat4. For
now the old servlet path is also defined in web.xml, but we should transition
to using the new path throughout.

Now, three new targets in build.xml:

war: build a war file for deploying metacat
install: create the war then copy it to the tomcat dir
upgrade: install war and then decompress it, possibly overwriting

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    <!-- Define the default session timeout for your application,

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