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  ucsb 2177 about 20 years Duane Costa Harvest List Editor, a GUI tool for editing Har...

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2177 06/03/2004 04:09 PM Duane Costa

Harvest List Editor, a GUI tool for editing Harvest List XML files

2176 06/01/2004 03:48 PM sgarg

Fixed a bug which was introduced because 'eml2namespace' was replaced by 'eml2_0_0namespace' in

2171 05/17/2004 04:36 PM Duane Costa

Store session attributes as username and password for consistency with Metacat

2170 05/14/2004 03:54 PM Duane Costa

Improvements to Harvester registration form

2169 05/14/2004 02:38 PM sgarg

Made initial changes for accepting EML version 2.1.0 in Metacat

2168 05/14/2004 10:53 AM Jing Tao

Revised the api and ecogrid can use it easily.

2167 05/13/2004 01:57 PM Jing Tao

Fixed a bug that couldn't find eml2 data format.

2166 05/12/2004 09:36 AM Duane Costa

Improve Harvester registration login

2165 05/11/2004 06:00 PM Jing Tao

fixed the bug that couldn't assign access rule for the data file come with morpho.

2164 05/10/2004 03:41 PM Jing Tao

Change method accessNumberUsed to static method.

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