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  common 4191 over 15 years walbridge Refactor templates for recent properties change...
  images 4080 over 15 years daigle Merge 1.9 changes into Head
  shared 3689 about 16 years barteau Turnkey installer modification: used relative p...
  skins 4314 over 15 years ben leinfelder use correct detokenizer (CONTEXT_URL)

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4314 08/26/2008 02:11 PM ben leinfelder

use correct detokenizer (CONTEXT_URL)

4313 08/26/2008 12:14 PM ben leinfelder

Upgrade to MapBuilder 1.5rc2

4312 08/26/2008 12:13 PM ben leinfelder

use correct detokenizer (CONTEXT_URL)

4311 08/26/2008 11:47 AM ben leinfelder

Upgrade to MapBuilder 1.5rc2

4310 08/26/2008 11:41 AM ben leinfelder

[re]add predefined locations selection (using the drop down list).
with firebug disabled, I see so error messages.

4309 08/26/2008 10:13 AM ben leinfelder

add legend (layer selection checkboxes)

4308 08/25/2008 06:37 PM ben leinfelder

bring up to date with map builder 1.5rc2. core functionality (zoom, pan, dataset search) is present.
note that the predefined locations dropdown is missing from this implementation - hopefully will be working again soon...

4305 08/22/2008 04:48 PM ben leinfelder

make as-you-type search the default.
remove assessment vs. question search checkboxes...confusing.

4290 08/22/2008 03:59 PM ben leinfelder

refactor search methods into common search.js file.
start on making ajax-based search from the index page.
state of things: now merging across assessments and including question-level metadata

4289 08/22/2008 02:18 PM ben leinfelder

use the generalized (and now built-in) data query mechanism for downloading "merged" data.

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