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  common 5600 over 12 years ben leinfelder include css classes for skins (like default and...
  images 4410 over 14 years ben leinfelder make "add to cart" more obvious (with icon, too!)
  shared 5567 over 12 years ben leinfelder only surround main dataset with border to avoid...
  skins 5685 over 12 years ben leinfelder load search results when page first loads (brow...

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5685 12/02/2010 11:29 AM ben leinfelder

load search results when page first loads (browsing - no query constraints)

5684 12/02/2010 11:16 AM ben leinfelder

remove special ">>" character from style sheet
use absolute path to the spinner animated gif

5678 12/01/2010 12:07 PM ben leinfelder

include busy spinner when loading search results

5677 12/01/2010 10:29 AM ben leinfelder

using div tags for the search results now (with some tables too)

5676 12/01/2010 10:06 AM ben leinfelder

commit before trying div-only resultset

5675 11/30/2010 05:44 PM ben leinfelder

hide/show search result details for each matched row.

5672 11/30/2010 03:34 PM ben leinfelder

-use a tab for search options
-search results are in their own container now
-jquery ui and semtools css share same corner radius
-removed form-based "link" in resultset xsl

5669 11/30/2010 02:12 PM ben leinfelder

use jquery UI tabs to separate the Measurement criteria from E,C,P

5668 11/29/2010 04:44 PM ben leinfelder

-"Clear" button actually clears the form and refreshes the search results w/o constraints
-active domain check boxes are honored when refreshing active domain after selection is made in a different tree

5667 11/29/2010 03:49 PM ben leinfelder

"remember" selected/opened nodes when active domain is filtered on click. also using separate cookies for each tree so that it can remember it's state on page reload.

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