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  dbadapter 899 over 21 years berkley made a ton of changes related to keeping oracle...
  metacat 955 over 21 years Jing Tao A constructor was added to this class. In this ...
  protocols 668 over 22 years Matt Jones Added License terms to source files, added more...

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955 03/05/2002 11:33 AM Jing Tao

A constructor was added to this class. In this constructor, user can specify the revision number he want to update. And the number can be passed into a DocumentImpl object constructor in startElement method. But the number should be greater than current number in database.

954 03/05/2002 11:28 AM Jing Tao

A method named getLastRevisionNumber was added. And condition for checking accession number was revised too. Now metacat wouldn't refuse a revsion number which is 2 or more greater than current revision number in the database. This is for bug 417.

953 03/05/2002 09:19 AM Jing Tao

Access document was added to exported data package too.

952 03/04/2002 08:34 PM Jing Tao

The method - hasAllowRule was revised. If a action -read or update was approved, all ticket count of allow rule entries for this action will minus one if the entries have ticket count number (not null).

951 03/01/2002 06:07 PM Jing Tao

The two hasPermission methods were rewritten. Some logic bugs were fixed. Now user, public and group will not be checked speratedly, but they will be check together as string array. In order to do this, private methods isAccessDocument, containDocumentOwner, isAllowFirst, hasAllowRule, hasExplicitDenyRule, hasImplicitDenyRule, and createUsersPackage were added.

950 02/26/2002 02:02 PM Jing Tao

In method transformXMLDocument, if no style sheet registered was found for the input document, the document will be send back, rather than use util.DebugMessge to print.

949 02/26/2002 01:55 PM Jing Tao

Only delete some incorrect comment.

948 02/26/2002 01:53 PM Jing Tao

When user request a data package, the old version documents would be exported. Only export the request one.

During the export function. Every document will be check if the user has the permission to read or not.

947 02/26/2002 08:37 AM Jing Tao

The feature of check permission before Metacat handle a "read" action. If user doesn't have permission, its request will be rejected.
After creating a DocumentImpl object. A method named hasReadPermission in that class will be called to make sure the user has permission to read it.

946 02/26/2002 08:30 AM Jing Tao

A method named hasReadPermission was added. The method will check if a user has permission toread a xml document.

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