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6998 Feature Resolved Add a "Where's my content?" message on Arctic user profile temporarily Actions
6997 Bug Resolved Dropdown nav menus not behaving correctly in map mode Actions
6993 Task Resolved Remove Publish with DOI button from Arctic theme Actions
6991 Bug Resolved 414 errors from DataONE log agg index - URI too large Actions
6989 Bug Works For Me "Undefined" being sent as the sort order in queries on User Profile Actions
6988 Bug Rejected Table View not rendering correctly Actions
6986 Task Resolved Remove CILogon from Arctic theme Actions
6985 Task Resolved Add submenus to arctic theme and style the same as their WP Actions
6983 Task Resolved Put new navigation in theme, after it is finalize with team Actions
6979 Task Resolved Add Slaask chat widget 0.00 Actions
6978 Bug Resolved Logout in arctica theme not working Actions
6977 Task Resolved Replace registry login form with metacatUI auth token sign in form Actions
6976 Story Resolved Use tokens with registry Actions
6975 Task Resolved Wait for user model status before sending register-dataset.cgi requests Actions
6974 Task Resolved Check auth token before Modify registry form is loaded Actions
6972 Bug Resolved View service URL set to wrong URL in artica theme Actions
6966 Story Resolved Release new Arctic Data theme Actions
6958 Feature Resolved Reverse lightness scale of map tiles so that higher tile counts are darker Actions
6956 Feature Resolved Add new Arctica theme Actions

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