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7106 Story New Retrieve an EML doc and parse into model attributes Actions
7071 Feature New Add a table of contents to the Metadata View for easier navigation Actions
7056 Task Closed Investigate schema-based JS object generation Actions
7050 Task Resolved Develop the 'Add a Nested Dataset' use case Actions
7049 Task Resolved Develop the 'View Public Metadata' use case Actions
7048 Task Resolved Develop the 'Update Metadata' use case Actions
7047 Task Closed Develop the 'Add Metadata' use case Actions
7046 Task Closed Develop the 'Remove a file' use case 0.00 Actions
7045 Task Closed Develop the 'Rename a file' use case Actions
7044 Task Closed Develop the 'Upload Data' use case Actions
7043 Task Resolved Develop use case documents for basic editor functions 0.00 Actions
7042 Task Resolved Develop mockup images for editor use cases Actions
7041 Task Resolved Develop a design document to steer software development. Actions
7040 Story In Progress A client side data and metadata manager and editor Actions
6967 Bug New If the most recent version of a metadata record is archived, the "there is a newer version..." message does not display Actions
6950 Feature Rejected Add "show available services" search to DataCatalog View Actions
6948 Task New Display loosely-coupled services in the Metadata View for datasets Actions
6947 Task New Add MN Services display to search result views Actions
6879 Bug New Popover box in Google Maps does not always display Actions
6810 Feature New Create detailed user documentation for MetacatUI Actions

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