From 02/26/2015 to 03/27/2015


02:59 PM Bug #6702 (New): Import metadata indexing option
When metadata is added to a package from an external file, Morpho creates a new identifier for it rather than increme... Jessica Couture
02:56 PM Bug #6701 (New): Entity descriptions can't be added outside wizard
I was trying to add entity descriptions after my tables had been imported and found that there is no way to go back a... Jessica Couture
02:54 PM Bug #6700 (New): Pub date field
The publication data defaults to the current date and there is no way to manually set this in Morpho. Can we have one... Jessica Couture


05:38 PM Bug #6618: Make production morpho work on Java 7
I don't know why jarBundler can't work. I have to use appbundler to make it work:
Jing Tao

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