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Bug #6010: Windows 8 installation error
Bug #6022: Morpho error on government computer with Windows 7
Bug #6045: Morpho not correctly handling Chinese characters
Bug #6410: The box selection of Geographic Coverage screen doesn't work
Bug #6544: Check the validity of the URL before letting someone save it.
Bug #6584: bug in validity of personnel element
Bug #6589: common name in taxonomic coverage
Bug #6618: Make production morpho work on Java 7
Bug #6702: Import metadata indexing option
Bug #6745: Morpho main window doesn't look good in windows 8
Bug #6846: Morpho hangs when exporting data package
Bug #7205: IDs mishandled when an update is made to a package with a DOI
Bug #5779: Owners list reorders its entries
Bug #458: Need to configure Morpho to accept stream-based result sets
Bug #1052: Need to automatically extend data table size when pasting data
Bug #1099: REOT feedback: ability to rename exported files
Bug #1426: closing unsaved package does not close package
Bug #1559: Morpho 1.5.1 Help: 5 problems with search feature
Bug #1568: Certain dialogues in DPW lock up the help
Bug #1569: Local save doesnt work sometimes.
Bug #1582: No Error Msg displayed when network update of datapackage failed due to access control
Bug #1667: Couldn't send data file to metacat using a download package
Bug #1702: spatial search is not saved
Bug #1807: Stop/pause search feature request
Bug #1823: Morpho Editor and saving network data packages
Bug #1832: need "save as" functionality in morpho
Bug #1983: allow morpho to detect online data and import it
Bug #2070: Problem with 'individualName' and 'distribution' fields in tree editor
Bug #2199: Info in additionalMedata tags not displayed when viewing data package
Bug #2209: Run the parser when a Save event is generated
Bug #2216: Custom units not assigned to unit type category properly
Bug #2473: Morpho uses too much memory
Bug #3475: Morpho data table search results do not display
Bug #3476: Search Result Selection list elements change when selected
Bug #4460: morpho package listing can be confusing when out of sync
Bug #4461: delete local copy only deletes the most recent stored revision, but this is not indicated
Bug #4542: Feature Request: Import / update metadata from MySQL database
Bug #4624: local/network status icons sometimes (inconsistently) incorrect
Bug #4628: Testing version 1.7.1 beta: Morpho Tree Editor produces invalid documents
Bug #4640: add prev/next buttons to 'Edit Column Documentation' dialog
Bug #5706: Menu bar font color in Ubuntu difficult to read
Bug #6042: Cannot save/synchronize Morpho data package to the network
Bug #1561: EML Attribute Page Editor doesn't handle some XML Schema attributes/elements correctly
Bug #2095: AbstractDataPackage - entity array not initialized automatically
Bug #2411: physical element of dataTable element should be optional
Bug #2456: Error Window Sizing
Bug #2463: Morpho can't delete or insert columns at right edge of tables with uneven record lengths
Bug #2489: The Predefined list does not display the values
Bug #2851: Templating support for attribute entries
Bug #3111: Morpho can not display inline data
Bug #3551: same screen presented to user before and after importing a data table
Bug #3759: more dialog boxes for editing and maintaining data packages
Bug #3852: feature request - include the userId element in responsibleParty dialog boxes
Bug #3919: the 'tab' key should behave consistently when through form fields
Bug #3937: Login results in misleading error message when KNB is down
Bug #3940: docid collisions, even if data packages have different scopes
Bug #3945: tree-editor does not allow editing of non-referenced material following a referenced creator
Bug #3980: a user trying to synchronize an invalid package needs a user-friendly error message
Bug #3983: entering key-value pairs from a file is not user friendly
Bug #4099: In map viewer, provide reset button for zoom and coordinates
Bug #4332: new features in canceling search
Bug #5118: export function error reporting
Bug #205: cut/copy/paste
Bug #302: create metacat account from morpho profile dialog
Bug #307: package event handler to improve resultset refresh performance
Bug #394: window positions need to be saved
Bug #509: HTTPProxy Firewall support needed
Bug #530: add spell checking support
Bug #545: annotation capability for editing data
Bug #570: convert editor/DocFrame to use MorphoFrame
Bug #607: MetaViewer Focus Functionality
Bug #657: rewrite code to add sample datapackage from jar file
Bug #667: enable column reordering
Bug #940: need large performance enhancements
Bug #1095: REOT feedback: add toolbar buttons for data-editing, like in MS Ex**l
Bug #1096: REOT feedback: display entity # and total # of entities near/on tabs
Bug #1097: REOT feedback: need to view 2 entities simultaneously from same pkg
Bug #1252: DataPackageWizard TextImport Performance problem
Bug #1261: Advanced Geographic Display System
Bug #1281: User does not see explicitly the local file folder where package is saved
Bug #1283: Synchronizing the Local and Network metadata bases
Bug #1287: Enable multiple movements of attribute lines in Data Information Screen / Attribute list
Bug #1381: keyword set editor efficiency problems
Bug #1472: Morpho buttons show up without borders in certain cases.
Bug #1480: need to display URL references to data where possible
Bug #1481: access list should support multiple selections in tree
Bug #1497: dpw step 3 of 15 needs more clarity about internal categorization
Bug #1507: New Data Table Wizard: Definition of new Unit Type
Bug #1522: Morpho Update
Bug #1547: incorporate eml parser into Morpho
Bug #1549: Problem with corrupt beta6 packages
Bug #1558: Morpho 1.5.1 Help: 6 general problems/suggestions
Bug #1593: Geographic Coverage Tool changes Types Entries
Bug #1600: Error in Geographic Page
Bug #1656: <para> should be repeatable in Morpho tree editor
Bug #1657: Repeatable <online>, <inline> tags in tree editor
Bug #1669: Adding Project Information causes invalid eml 2 warning
Bug #1672: Unable to edit online distribution url for multiple data objects
Bug #1705: Message after "Export" should show dir nam
Bug #1784: Place some information from user guide on Morpho download web page
Bug #1791: need ability to add data types other than dataTable (spatial)
Bug #1817: Citation screen in DPW feature request
Bug #1825: Typos/redundancies in Named Regions list of Geo. Coverage
Bug #1985: add morpho support for LSID identifiers
Bug #1988: Re-visit terminology issues
Bug #1993: Can't expand width of column in text import wizard
Bug #2042: Failure when using dataTable, spatialRaster, and spatialVector in tree editor
Bug #2053: "Open..." dialog repaint issues
Bug #2093: Feature request: deleting saved searches
Bug #2151: Morpho readablity issue
Bug #2166: 1.6.0RC1: Saving to network when a previous version was deleted from network
Bug #2170: editor returns to different table than the one being edited after clicking ok
Bug #2177: Local search does not search on data package ID
Bug #2213: "Show all" Morpho editor handles coverage incorrectly depending on order
Bug #2455: create table shouldn't have proprietary format as an option
Bug #2500: Tree Editor allows text in element-only elements
Bug #2563: Multiple repeated delimiter info not saved
Bug #2855: Import MS Access feature has problems with read permission
Bug #2980: pubDate is not created for citation use when a Morpho Dataset is submitted
Bug #3065: Unable to save dp using Morpho with Remote Desktop
Bug #3171: Morpho install in Vista does not create a viewable sterr.log file
Bug #3323: Morpho has problem to handle special characters.
Bug #3458: Morpho will take long time to startup if the metacat host server is down
Bug #3872: opening a "previous version" and resaving locally wrote over the last most recent version
Bug #3897: Controlled vocabulary for Taxonomic Coverage
Bug #3979: File-> save has no response when a user tries to save an invalid doc
Bug #4096: Must click tab twice to display metadata for table without read access
Bug #4098: Cancelling map viewer should reset zoom
Bug #4416: 1.7.0 - Geographic Coverage Sites List Should Record Tool Type
Bug #4621: Allow sets of codes/definitions to be reused across data packages
Bug #4703: Give user some notification when morpho finds nothing about thesaurus look up
Bug #4733: Checking the permission of the user before he/she saves a data package to metacat
Bug #5063: Morpho Data Package Editor degrades when Editing Data Table Access
Bug #5103: Wizard screen to edit data entity name
Bug #5242: Spatial search uses 'pathquery' not 'spatial_query' action
Bug #2852: Unable to delete a table that only includes the data file documentaion
Bug #5736: Morpho DataONE refactor - tracker
Bug #5799: publish using DOI feature
Bug #5805: Local and Network revisions show at same time in search results
Bug #5887: Handle the query result set which contains the revision chains of documents
Bug #6112: Use .morpho when we release the morpho
Bug #6700: Pub date field
Bug #6701: Entity descriptions can't be added outside wizard
Bug #7175: The link for non-numeric attribute domains doesn't work on the exported eml file
Story #6084: Use SOLR query instead of pathquery
Bug #5735: Decide on primary package identifier
Bug #5743: Include ORE identifier in search results
Bug #5747: Open ORE documents locally
Bug #5757: Add identifier scheme drop down to id conflict window
Bug #5766: Include data identifier in EML (rather than ecogrid:// URL)
Bug #5823: Improve save-to-network performance
Bug #5848: Ensure Morpho can edit EML contributed by DataUp
Bug #6500: Give users ability to import certifates into Morpho easily
Bug #124: batch display and printing of resultsets
Bug #306: [RFE] folder views to organize data packages
Bug #326: Ability to repeat more than one field
Bug #360: consolidate configuration information
Bug #400: need graphical view of sampling layout
Bug #460: XML Editor should be better synched with Metacat & handle temp docs
Bug #511: Enhance Icons for morpho StatusBar
Bug #531: use itislib to check taxon name spelling
Bug #548: consolidate metadata editing systems in morpho
Bug #552: graphs and summary stats from within morpho
Bug #574: l--o--n--g timeout for unsuccessful network ping on Linux
Bug #620: Data Files with fixed width fields are not handled
Bug #660: Change file/directory chooser action for "Export"
Bug #664: add keyboard shortcuts for menus
Bug #1098: REOT feedback: ability to freeze or lock columns while scrolling other columns sideways (like Excel split pane)
Bug #1100: REOT feedback: ability to sort data by multiple columns simultaneously
Bug #1101: REOT feedback: external changes to your packages
Bug #1102: REOT feedback: change-log viewer for package versions
Bug #1103: REOT feedback: export and import for external data manipulation
Bug #1282: Suggest closing earlier data package windows when a new data package window is opened
Bug #1358: How to handle multiple repeated delimiters
Bug #1460: Ablity to use from attribute or entity level
Bug #1496: "window" menu on main morpho screen does not list all open windows
Bug #1533: Support for retrieving online data into Morpho
Bug #1550: Missing images in eml doc in Morpho
Bug #1566: recongizing time formats
Bug #1573: DPW allows email addresses with no @ symbol
Bug #1574: Morpho freezes, DPW child screens disappear
Bug #1621: morpho defaults to <customUnit/>, invalid eml
Bug #1633: make morpho load metadata without loading data tables
Bug #1639: ref to beta6 physical table left in morpho eml2 output
Bug #1651: Scale requests
Bug #1704: need additional operators for the spatial search
Bug #1723: Feature requests offered by UNESCO visitor
Bug #1778: Network icons missing after synchronizing
Bug #1779: Changing “Look and Feel” in Morpho preferences doesn’t change appearance of menus
Bug #1783: Challenge of documenting dynamic data sets
Bug #1792: Can't print Intro to Metadata document
Bug #2465: new lines are displayed in the text boxes but do not show after text entries saved
Bug #5707: Auto-check for newer version of Morpho on start-up
Bug #1459: party editing efficiency additions
Bug #4962: data csv import: add "same as last column" button
Bug #4963: seems not to save the .xml file
Bug #5059: SAXPParseException error when entering data package search string misleading!
Bug #5060: Inform Morpho user in cases where Morpho fails due to failure of Metacat connection
Bug #5104: CustomList text fields are too short
Bug #5138: descriptions of queries need to be better described
Bug #5774: Only save the system metadata to local and network if users only modify the system metadata rather than the data or eml
Bug #5780: DataONE object listing doesn't show the updated data package by morpho
Bug #5809: Default save behavior to always include local store
Bug #5842: the file has some odd entries
Bug #5845: illegible fonts when remoting via X
Bug #5847: Morpho says that it will save the eml as eml 2.1.1, but it saved still as 2.0.1
Bug #5872: Irregularities with access control
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