From 09/22/2004 to 10/21/2004


03:25 PM Bug #1722 (Resolved): ENM IB - Convert DIiGR data source table to GARP input format
Given the DiGIR data source from a species ecogrid search (ENM Task IA), pull
out the longitude, latitude for each o...
Dan Higgins
03:18 PM Bug #1721 (Resolved): ENM IA - DiGIR data source modifacation - Table by Species
Task A in category I) - Creation of Species occurence data tables
Modify DiGIR datasource code to return a table w...
Dan Higgins
03:12 PM Bug #1720 (Resolved): Create an example Kepler workflow for ENM/GARP calculations
The SEEK BEAM group needs to create a Environmental Niche Model (ENM) workflow
for predicting species occurence dist...
Dan Higgins


07:48 AM Bug #1043: Implement Ecogrid wrapper for DiGIR (Tracking Bug)
implemented Rod Spears

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