From 10/18/2005 to 11/16/2005


12:08 PM Bug #2279: Remove globus from ecogrid query services.
What? I closed the wrong bug! Kevin Ruland
12:06 PM Bug #2279: Remove globus from ecogrid query services.
Fixed in v1.5 of org.kepler.objectmanager.cache.DataCacheObject. Kevin Ruland
10:21 AM Bug #2279 (Resolved): Remove globus from ecogrid query services.
Remove the globus toolkit from the ecogrid query services and use plain axis
Kevin Ruland
10:15 AM Bug #2276 (New): Investigate security facilities for Web Services
Investigate methods to add secuirty to Web Services (Ecogrid) and formulate a
recommendation. Must support certific...
Kevin Ruland
09:44 AM Bug #2274 (Resolved): Ecogrid ResultSets are not properly serialized to disk
The process which serializes ecogrid resultsets to disk (used in the kepler
cache system) does not produce proper xm...
Kevin Ruland


12:23 PM Bug #2244 (Resolved): Performance bottle neck in Digir ProviderServlet
Now that each digir ecogrid query requests information from many different
providers (400 or so at any time), the pe...
Kevin Ruland
12:20 PM Bug #1659: DiGIR Service needs to use the registry
The Digir Ecogrid Query server now initializes it's list of providers by
querying the GBIF UDDI repository for all re...
Kevin Ruland


12:09 PM Bug #2174: Problems with multiple eml2datasource actors in a Kepler workflow
A test for this is the workflows/eco/IPCC_Base_Layers.xml workflow with tries to
load 10 IPCC datasource files. This ...
Dan Higgins

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