Kevin Ruland





10:45 AM Kepler Bug #2275: Replace the DataCacheManager
This has been accomplished. The DataCacheManager still exists but uses the
CacheManager as its backend object persis...


11:25 AM Kepler Bug #2346 (Resolved): Memory utilization on startup.
Current CVS head of kepler (1-27-06): At welcome window, after forced gc,
memory usage is 57M. After one empty gra...
11:07 AM Kepler Bug #2328: Memory use problems with multiple EML Datasources
Committed change to ecogrid seek repository adding EcogridGetToStreamClient
class which greatly reduces memory requir...


12:27 PM Kepler Bug #2328: Memory use problems with multiple EML Datasources
In r1.26 of, I added a
simple mutex mechanism which only allo...


08:57 AM Kepler Bug #2320 (Resolved): Cannot run multiple instances of Kepler simultaneously.
Because of the internal database (hsqldb), one cannot run two instances of
kepler simultaneously. The second instan...


06:50 AM SEEK Bug #2299: migrate Ecogrid client to plain web services
The Ecogrid Put, Query, and Auth clients have been ported to pure web services.
06:48 AM Kepler Bug #2300: migrate to new web services-only ecogrid client in Kepler
The ecogrid-axis-branch was merged into trunk on 12/13/05. The following
services have been tested: Quick Search fo...


02:57 PM Kepler Bug #2316 (Resolved): Conflicting jars and classpath reduction
The current collection of jars in the lib/ directory includes many jars which
may not be used, many duplicated jars,...


10:15 AM Kepler Bug #2277: Simplify Kar loading
In Trunk, I have implemented a revised kar build system which does not utilize
the actorList.moml or


11:10 AM SEEK Bug #2274: Ecogrid ResultSets are not properly serialized to disk
Fixed in axis-only-branch by using the axis generated de-/serializer. This fix
could be ported to the globus codebas...

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