From 12/19/2006 to 01/17/2007


05:35 PM Bug #2731 (New): Make TCS document the direct data source
Develop new functions to directly access TCS document. xianhua liu
05:30 PM Bug #2730 (New): Publication problem
For publication let's use be use to implement both short and long full text and guid. The rest is unnecessary for now. xianhua liu
05:28 PM Bug #2729 (New): Support third party parent-child relationship
Third party parent-child, and should we allow parents to be specified for genus in definition. xianhua liu
05:26 PM Bug #2681: test
Fixed xianhua liu
05:23 PM Bug #2728 (New): XML Output problem
Mostly validation was fine, but one minor problem was
identified. TaxonRankEnum X puts in string like genus, when ...
xianhua liu
05:20 PM Bug #2727 (New): lost data during import
One problem is that superfluous stuff is lost. For example:
<teeth>Y-5 molar pattern</teeth>
We should capture all ...
xianhua liu

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