From 03/06/2007 to 04/04/2007


03:46 PM Bug #1737: ENM III - ENM/GARP Calculations
finished Dan Higgins
03:46 PM Bug #1738: ENM IIIA - Update GARP Workflow
finished Dan Higgins
03:45 PM Bug #1739: ENM IIIB - Revise GARP workflow to show Climate Variation iterations
Sample exists in Kepler CVS Dan Higgins
03:44 PM Bug #1740: ENM IIIC - Example of ENM workflow iteration over several species
Example workflows for iteration over climates and species are in CVS Dan Higgins
03:42 PM Bug #1743: ENM IIIF - ROC Threshold Generator
remove the bug because the R ROC package can be used if desired Dan Higgins

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