From 07/11/2010 to 08/09/2010


04:32 PM Bug #5135 (New): Loading ontology from local file does not seem functional
Tried to use the logical/physical mapping of managed ontologies in Morpho, but the ontology did not load. Perhaps it ... ben leinfelder
04:26 PM Bug #5134 (Resolved): Editing multiple data packages changes annotation for both windows
Was watching over Margaret's shoulder and we noticed that when two DP windows were open, changes made to one annotati... ben leinfelder


02:47 PM Bug #5102: Save Measurement template class
now saving the Measurement template class if selected ben leinfelder
01:52 PM Bug #5102 (Resolved): Save Measurement template class
Currently only the Entity, Characteristic, Standard and Protocol are saved in the annotation even if those values cam... ben leinfelder

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