From 08/01/2000 to 08/30/2000


10:33 AM Bug #108 (Closed): Design/develop a web site to support the Veg Plot Database Project
Design a web site to support the development of the Veg Plot Database project.
This should include at the mimimum:...
John Harris


05:56 PM Bug #107 (Closed): Veg Plots Table Problems on Oracle (dev)
Currently having difficulty writing to Oracle DB on The
java/JDBC app writes to the DB fine so...
John Harris
10:51 AM Bug #106 (Closed): Loaders for prototype data into prototype DB
Write scripts to load data into the prototype database. The first script should
be for loading TNC PLOT DATA into ...
John Harris
10:28 AM Bug #105 (Closed): Obtain prototype data and explore data type and formats
Get prototype veg plot data from:
TNC PLOTS DATABASE (contact: Jim Drake)
USFS (contact: Jennings)
individual p...
John Harris
10:18 AM Bug #104 (Closed): Obtain Example Database Queries
Obtain, from the ecologists, possible example queries which will be sent to the
database. These will be used to te...
John Harris
10:13 AM Bug #103 (Closed): Convert the ER Model to a relational schema
Convert the updated ERD to SQL for prototype database implementation. This
will, of course, be an iterative proces...
John Harris
09:21 AM Bug #102 (Closed): Complete proposed ERD - for September meeting
Finish the ERD for the September Meeting for review by the visiting
technologists. This diagram should be in place...
John Harris

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