From 04/17/2006 to 05/16/2006


08:35 AM Bug #2436 (New): Evaluate: Map plots with one click from plot-result-set
I was interested in poissible deeplinks to maps of plots with taxa. Can this be done? I
do a search for Quercus al...
Michael Lee


08:20 AM Bug #2435 (Resolved): Store XML file's AccessionCodes in userDatasetItem
When XML is being loaded into the database, accessionCodes exist in the user's XML document that come from the user's... Michael Lee
08:15 AM Bug #2434 (Resolved): Profiling of XML Loader's Performance
During the week of 5/8/2006, the XML Loader should be profiled to see why it takes as long as it does and whether the... Michael Lee
08:09 AM Bug #2282: Confirm that "taxonAlt" loads via XML Loader
Michael should check to see if this is potentially still a problem Michael Lee


11:25 AM Bug #2405: Logout is broken
changing your password also doesn't work Michael Lee
10:23 AM Bug #2395: Fix Backup Strategy -- delete extra backups from time to time
Colby needs to be the one to do this. Chad Berkley


01:15 PM Bug #2424 (Resolved): new feature: Create "find plots by area" using google maps
User could then establish an area, and an ajax call would figure out how many VegBank plots are in the map area each ... Michael Lee
01:13 PM Bug #2423: Upgrade to v2 for google maps on VegBank site for more info on how Michael Lee
01:13 PM Bug #2423 (Resolved): Upgrade to v2 for google maps on VegBank site
Michael Lee

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