David Blankman





11:23 AM EML Bug #1132: fix access control rule ambiguities
It seems to me that read access to <inline> without read access to general
metadata should not be allowed, Of what us...


01:19 PM EML Bug #1008: inline element doesn't support character child
Used Dan's schema fragment to modify eml-resource.xsd. Created a new type called
InlineType. The inline element is no...


06:48 PM EML Bug #1129: Change temporalCoverage calendarDate type
changed element calendarDate from type=xs:date to type =res:yearDate and
modified documentation to reflect the change.
05:51 PM EML Bug #939: spelling errors for 'its' in index
replaced incorrect occureances of it's with its in all affected eml schemas


01:21 PM EML Bug #1017: documentation error in eml-methods
I think that Eda Melendez misinterpreted the schema and mistakenly reported a bug.
I am changing the resolution to "i...
11:55 AM EML Bug #1035: Technical documentation on eml-methods has an error
Deleted the paragraph two which described use of references withing eml-methods.


04:08 PM EML Bug #1129 (Resolved): Change temporalCoverage calendarDate type
There has been a request to change to data type on the element calenderDate to
include xs:gYear. This could be accom...
04:00 PM EML Bug #1128 (In Progress): Distribution element requested for project
At the LTER EML Implementation workshop the LTER Information Managers working on
"best practices" identified a desir...


11:36 AM Metacat Bug #1048 (Resolved): create delete from ldap table code
Once the insert or update is successful, delete the record ffrom the ldap table.
need to capture the $emailalias v...
11:32 AM Metacat Bug #1047 (Resolved): Create triggers on LTER tables for ldap insert
Need insert and update triggers for person, contact, lter tables. to insert
records into LDAP table.

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