Bertram Ludaescher





10:57 AM Kepler Bug #1999: Very long delays on first startup of new install
In the very short term, could one at a corresponding warning to the download page!?


06:58 AM Kepler Bug #1751 (Resolved): new mailing lists: kepler-users, kepler-votes
As the Kepler releases reach beta level (or better) it is important to discuss
end user requests, issues etc. One ma...
06:42 AM Kepler Bug #1750 (Resolved): Allow KAR files to include jar/class files
The issue of a remote Kepler actor (and workflow) repository has come up every
now and then. It would serve multiple...
06:23 AM Kepler Bug #1749 (In Progress): Global toggle for port name display
Port names can be quite informative (in particular when chosen carefully ;-) and
help understand a workflow. The dis...


03:46 PM SEEK Bug #1066: follow up with DiscoveryNet
The main way to use DN was through agreed upon APIs. However, SEEK has
committed to provide and built upon open sour...

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