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10:05 AM Kepler Bug #2531: The link from Kepler intro page to the Ptolemy quick links page is broken
The link to the ptolemy quick links page was never slated to be included in the welcome screen. We did talk about pu...


12:25 PM Kepler Bug #2452 (New): consider providing management console for workflow engineer
Consider providing a management console for the workflow engineer – for feedback and status during running of a wor...
12:24 PM Kepler Bug #2451 (New): consider providing data-centric/data management feature in Kepler
Consider providing a data-centric or data management feature within Kepler – something that provides comprehensive ...
12:21 PM Kepler Bug #2450 (New): consider better mechanism for navigating multi-level workflow
Consider providing a better mechanism for navigating up and down levels in a workflow. Right now every time a composi...


09:57 AM Kepler Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
oops sorry, meant the welcome screen not the splash screen as I referenced in the last note.
09:55 AM Kepler Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Just looked at splash screen and it is very very close. Just 2 items remain to be adjust so that it matches the spec...


01:21 PM Kepler Bug #2410 (New): need feature in UI for users to assign icon to an actor
If a user creates an R actor, there is currently no method for them to assign an icon to the R actor from the user in...


01:26 PM Kepler Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Okay we are getting there but some other changes need to be made to get the
dialog to look like what is spec'd on th...


07:40 AM Kepler Bug #2383: mnemonics in menus not appearing
Very weird, never knew that but I checked per your comments and found my
properties set to "hide underlines until al...


01:21 PM Kepler Bug #2343: add welcome screen for release 1.0
Reopenign this bug for 2 reasons.
1) user guide and workflow cookbook links need to be removed since that

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