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data entry problems

Added by Chad Berkley over 18 years ago. Updated over 18 years ago.

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When adding data in the data editor, it is extremely inefficient to have to go
to the data menu everytime you want to add a row. hitting enter at the last
column,row should create a new row so more data can be entered. Ctrl-I is not
the standard way of doing this. also, if you are at the last (column, row) and
you hit enter to enter the data, the selection box is moved to (1,1) so if you
then hit ctrl-I, you insert a row after row 1.

When a cell is highlighted and you start typing, it should overwrite whatever
is in the box, not append to it. ctrl-tab should do the opposite of tab (make
the selection go backwards). unfortunately, i think this needs to be made more
excel like to get people to use it. Excel is a pretty efficient as a data
entry app. as this screen is now, I don't think anyone could use it to enter
more than a few rows of new data, although it should still be usable as a data


#1 Updated by Matthew Brooke over 18 years ago

Concerning chad's comment: "ctrl-tab should do the opposite of tab (make
the selection go backwards)", -it's actually shift-tab that is the standard
"opposite" of tab (ie for moving backwards), not ctrl-tab

#2 Updated by Dan Higgins over 18 years ago

shift-tab does work with the data table for moving backwards (JTable standard)

#3 Updated by Dan Higgins over 18 years ago

When last row is reached, the code now automatically adds another row. This
should make it much easier for the user.

#4 Updated by Dan Higgins over 18 years ago

Data entry in the table has been simplified along the lines suggesed. tab and
shift-tab move the selected cell forward and back through the table. The default
is to replace current contentss of a cell. When the last row of the table is
reached, a new row is automatically added to the table.

#5 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 1431

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