Bug #1567

Taxonomic Coverage - importing data table during DPW

Added by Saurabh Garg about 18 years ago. Updated about 17 years ago.

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This was reported by Nicole Kaplan <>
Her comments:
In the Taxonomic coverage, it would be nice to be able to import the data
now, instead of having to use a data table already in the system. We had a
hard time understanding why it did not work and had to research this.

My Comments:
'Import Taxon Information from Data Table..' obviously doesnt make sense in
DPW. As the datapackage is being created, there is no way we can already have a
data table. I see there are two opions: one is to put a flag around 'Import
Taxon Information from Data Table..', so that it doesnt show when DPW is run
but it is shown after that datapackage has been created and Taxonomic Page is
called from the menu option.
The other option is to call TIW when this link is clicked from DPW. This might
be complex to implement because as the code is right now, I think TIW runs on
the assumption that datapackage has already been created (I might be wrong).
Also calling TIW from DPW will make DPW more complex or not the simplest and
fastest thing to create a datapackage.


#1 Updated by Andrea Andrea over 17 years ago

Also see related bug 1512

#2 Updated by Veronique Connolly about 17 years ago

This was fixed. Explanatory text was added on the Taxonomic Coverage window of
the NDPW and instructions about how to import a table with taxonomic info will
be in the FAQ of the user guide.

#3 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 1567

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