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create nightly build system

Added by Chad Berkley about 18 years ago. Updated almost 18 years ago.

build system
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need to create a nightly build system along with junit tests to be run every
night . The results of the tests and the build should be presented to the
kepler members, possibly by email or web interface or both. The possibilities
for build systems are:

1) GUMP - apache project
2) Tinderbox - mozilla
3) Home grown scripted version, ala Jalama

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#1 Updated by Chad Berkley about 18 years ago

installed a test version of AntHill on trestles for evaluation.
It's installed at
The anthill homepage is at

Anthill has two different versions, an enterprise version that costs $1200 and a
free OS version. I installed the OS version as I think it does everything we

AntHill provides support for nightly checkouts and builds and has a web
interface that marks successful builds in green and broken ones in red. It also
has a dependency system so you can have one build depend on others. If we
decide to use this, we would need to secure the web interface as right now
anyone can alter the builds.

I tried out GUMP and could never get it to do anything. I also looked at
tinderbox and it looked too mozilla dependent. so I finally found anthill and I
think it's simple enough, yet powerful enough for what we want (as an added
bonus, it actually works!)

#2 Updated by Chad Berkley almost 18 years ago

we were able to get a free license for the Anthill build system from We now have AnthillPro installed at Anyone is welcome to take a look. If
you want a user account, let me know. I let it run for several days and it
looks like it's running great.

We now just need to get unit tests built for the majority of our classes. I
also need to move the anthill system over to ecoinfo.

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