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Promoting Data/Metadata

Added by Matthew Brooke over 19 years ago. Updated almost 19 years ago.

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Promoting Data/Metadata

  • Please add any clarifications/comments that any of you may have **

A) as part of the UI Generation process, need to:

1) inspect incoming table(s) for temporal fields

2) determine which if any go to temporal metadata [**SEE NOTE 1**]

3) repeat for spatial fields

4) repeat for taxonomic coverage

5) temporarily record these assignments in "additional metadata" section of the
EML doc

B) as part of the merging process, need to:

1) during the merge, use this info that was put into "additional metadata" to
pull out the correct values from the predefined data table columns, and use
them to populate the metadata (ie temporal, geographic and taxonomic coverage

2) IMPORTANT: on finish, delete the "additional metadata" section that we added

**NOTE 1: we are anticipating that the form designer (through the use of rules)
would somehow define which columns should subsequently be used for promoting to
metadata. Note that there are some potential difficulties with these definitions
- for example, timestamps may be spread over sevaral columns (for example -
separate columns for year, month, day, time), so the rules and the markup added
to "additional metadata" should be rich enough to define such combinations of
columns etc, and define which values to use (eg "the minimum value of combined
cols a, b and c" etc). Needs some careful consideration

**NOTE 2: As a first pass, restrict designer to using fields that are explicitly
included in the data (denormalized) - not data referenced via foreign key
constraints etc

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Blocked by Jalama - Bug #2026: MORPHO PLUGIN Tracking Bug - Field Data-Collection AdminResolvedMatthew Brooke03/11/2005

Actions #1

Updated by Matthew Brooke over 19 years ago

when generating form, allow form designer to specify which columns will be
constant, and where they should be written into the metadata (if at all)

Actions #2

Updated by Matthew Brooke over 19 years ago

(this and previous comment are in morpho plugin)

for now - put in "additional metadata", if user says it needs to go in metadata,
since there is scope for the user defining the wrong location otherwise. In
future, give user a selection of potential locations to choose from?

Also - allow user to define which non-constant columns gat promoted to
metadata (additional metadata as first pass). on finish - do sort of column and
get unique values, then commit them to metadata, along with attribute name.

Actions #3

Updated by Matthew Brooke over 19 years ago

also need to be able to select which columns should not show up on the form
(for example in GCE crab data - they collect hole numbers and plot numbers but
they calculate hole density later - not collected in the field)

However, if they omit fields, we still need to output the blank column in the
data and metadata description.

Actions #4

Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 19 years ago

end of grant cleanup. Postponing

Actions #5

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