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SVG - Assigning Icons

Added by Matthew Brooke almost 17 years ago. Updated almost 17 years ago.

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Icons can be assigned in actor moml, or can be assigned in the actor's java
code. Assigning in moml means icons will show up for newly-created workflows,
but not for old workflows. [Note that some actors can't be set via moml (eg
EML200 datasource), so would need to add some to java code anyway]

Adding icon paths directly to the actors' java code (note that existing svg
icons are currently defined in java code) means icons show up for all actors, in
new and old workflows. Could move actual actor->svg icon mappings into a
separate settings file? Or would this cause too much indirection and add

conf call of 11/10/05 - decided to put assignments in actor code, with actual
mappings in a separate config file to allow for easy changes

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#1 Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 17 years ago

added code to:
kepler/src/exp/ptolemy/actor/ and
to look in resource bundle:
for a key matching the the current actor or director classname. Resource bundle
file contains key/value pairs of the form:
If resource bundle not found, or if it doesn't contain a value matching the key,
the batik svg icon is not added, so rendering will default back to the original
svg icon definition (in moml or java code, if defined).


A) The resource bundle file -


contains only a few mappings, since I'm really not sure which actors are
supposed to use which icons, apart from the really obvious ones I've already
done. Maybe Laura can help with this? Or maybe someone else who is familiar with
most of the actors? Maybe this could be the same person who addresses bug #2286
at the same time?

#2 Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 17 years ago

per my IRC conversation with matt, mappings should use LSIDs as keys instead of
(or perhaps in addition to?) classnames. Explanation follows:

One executable class very well might support multiple actors. For example, the R
actor can be used to implement a linear regression, and it should therefore be
iconized as a Statistics actor. However, R can also be used to implement, say, a
population dynamic simulation - in which case it might need a modeling icon. The
actor classname would be the same in both cases (RExpression), and currently
they would have the same icon (a big R). The icon currently represents more how
the actor is implemented than what it does, whereas the user cares about what it
does more.

The LSID can be obtained from the actor code, since it is a property (so can use
a getAttribute() call):

There is an LSID for the actor itself, which is the one we should use:

<property name="entityId" class="org.kepler.moml.NamedObjId"

(There is also one for the class implementing the actor, which is not the one
to use, since this has a 1:1 mapping to the class name: <property name="classId"
class="org.kepler.moml.NamedObjId" value="urn:lsid:localhost:class:883:1">)

We might want to consider assigning "default" icons based on classname, and then
let the lsid-based icon assignments override these. if they exist.

Note that the previous comments still apply (I will need help with actual mappings)

#3 Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 17 years ago

implemented assignment by LSID. if none found, assigns by classname. Finally, if
none found there, uses default blank teal icon. Issues that still need to be

1) The new icons don't show up for any actors that already have an icon defined
in the MoML using this old-style type of assignment:
<property name="SequenceToArrayIcon"
example - search for "sequence" in actor lib, and see "Sequence To Array" and
"Array To Sequence" actors

2) Any actors that are Attributes instead of AtomicActors (eg all the actors
that appear in the tree under Components -> Variables -> Parameters) now default
to the Director icon for some reason

3) Composite actors (eg search for "Sinewave" or "RBoxPlot") get a plain teal
icon, but with a blue-violet border (probably drawn elsewhere by layering some
other icon on there). Composites can't have icons assigned by classname, since
they aren't java classes. Assigning by LSID works for the icon in the tree
(thumbnail raster icon), but not when it is dragged to canvas.

#4 Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 17 years ago

With reference to item #s in previous comment:

1) recent changes to object manager/cache have circumvented this behavior - now
works as expected

2) Components -> Variables -> Parameters are showign up as Directors because the
ActorMetadata class is incorrectly creating them as Directors; this is therefore
the correct behavior as far as the svg icon code is concerned. When
ActorMetadata fixed, these actors should pick up the correct icons accordingly

3) Composite actors: blue-violet border fixed by chad's changes. Assigning by
LSID not working when dragged to canvas: fixed by changes to

Marking as fixed

#5 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2266

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