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The Predefined list does not display the values

Added by Callie Bowdish over 16 years ago. Updated over 16 years ago.

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The Predefined list does not display the values in the Morpho Entity/Attibute Measurment Domain

entityCodeList displays entityReference, valueAttributeReference and definitionAttributeReference as "reference" number in Entity/Attribute area of Morpho and in attribute domain page Online

1. To duplicate this a data package with two tables is needed. One table that needs to have an attribute defined by a predefined list. The other table containing the predefined list which includes two columns: code and definition.

2. Define a Attribue or Column as an unordered Category and choose Enumerated values (belong to predefined list). For location choose Codes are imported form another table.

3. Press the locate table and find the other table in the data package and choose the Code and Definition Columns.

4. Note that in the Define Attribue Columns "Wizard Window" the correct Definitions are displayed after locating the "predefined list".

5. When you view the Data Package and look at the Attribue that should contain the code and definitions all that is viewable is the "reference" number for the Entity, Value and Definition.

Some Observations

In contrast when choosing a Contact from the Contact Details Wizard, a reference can be picked. By using the "You can pick from one of the earlier entries that you have made". This displays correctly even though in eml it is storded as an id number <references>1152911727734</references>
However if you use the wizard to pick a contact from a differenct data package it does not use the <references> element but puts in the contact element with the usual children, and no <references> tag.

With the entityCodeList there is the


They all refer to an "Reference" number in the same eml file and data package. The actual values to be displayed are contained in a different file that is not part of the eml file though.

With the Contact information the values to be displayed such as Joe in the <givenName>Joe<givenName> are contained in the same eml file when the <reference> element is used. When the values are contained in a different data package the complete element is "imported" rather than just a reference to it.

In the case of the entityCodeList element "references" numbers are in the same data packages. The entityCodeList element reference numbers are in the same eml file BUT the values or content for those references are not stored in the same eml file. This is differnt than what is happening with the contact reference. There is no element tag holding the content that needs to be displayed.

Actions #1

Updated by Will Tyburczy over 16 years ago

The problem with displaying the code values and definitions is that they reside in the actual data file, which is inaccessable for the purposes of XSLT (I think). However it might be nice to give the user the option to either reference to data values as is done currently, or to import the values an definitions from the data file into the EML of the attribute (analogous to the "copy & edit" and "edit original" options when you re-use the data of a responsible party). This would give users an option that would allow them to have the code values and definitions in a more readable format, even if it did introduce some redundancy in the data package.

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