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Update XSLT stylesheets for EML 2.0 modules

Added by Matt Jones almost 23 years ago. Updated almost 20 years ago.

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Need an updated set of XSLT stylesheets to transform EML 2.0 documents into HTML
for display on metacat and in other areas.

Actions #1

Updated by Matt Jones over 22 years ago

Chnaging target milestone for the major EML bugs to Beta7, which is scheduled
for early to mid March for release. There are likely other bugs that need to be
entered and resolved for this Beta7 release as well, so lets generate a complete

Actions #2

Updated by Matt Jones about 22 years ago

OK, partially did the eml-entity and eml-attribute stylesheets for marine. Need
to put together the rest.

Actions #3

Updated by Matthew Brooke about 22 years ago

Have started to restructure so that stylesheets for dependent modules can
import ("inherit") stylesheets for modules they depend upon.

Have completed "importable" stylesheets for eml-party and eml resource, and
have a working version of eml-coverage, although need to resolve some
inconsistencies between the element names in eml-coverage.dtd and the element
names used in metacat/morpho.

Have also rewritten (and greatly simplified) dataset and software to import the
above stylesheets. All re-written stylesheets adopt the same type of layout,
to maintain interface consistency throughout.

Finally, all site-specific settings (such as URI's and css style
names/applications) are now contained in a single file, named "eml-
settigns.xsl", which is imported into all other stylesheets, thus minimizing
necessary edits when installing on a new system or context. CSS file is
applied automatically, depending on "$qformat" parameter posted to setrvlet as
part of client request.

Actions #4

Updated by Matt Jones about 22 years ago

Matthew will develop the initial suite targeting beta6, and then extend the
style sheets to covere the beta9 release when we have edited the modules.

Actions #5

Updated by Matthew Brooke about 22 years ago

Finished full set of stylesheetss for EML 2.0.0 Beta 6 and tagged them in CVS
as RELEASE_EML_2_0_0_BETA_6_REV1. This tag also includes:

1) a full eml package fo ruse as test data, and

2) corrected versions of:
eml-constraint.dtd (added "attributeName" PCDATA element),
eml-literature.dtd(added "country" PCDATA element),
eml-protocol.dtd (added "country" PCDATA element) and
eml-software.dtd (added "country" PCDATA element).

Merged this tag with latest files in CVS head to provide a starting point for
the eml 2.0 XSL documents, which will be developed when the beta9 release is

Actions #6

Updated by Matt Jones over 21 years ago

Moving to new milestone for 2.0.0 release. The stylesheets aren't strictly
required for a 2.0.0 release, but they would be nice. We certainly do not need
to have them completed for RC1, so I'm punting.

Actions #7

Updated by Matt Jones over 21 years ago

This should be done, but will not be part of the EML 2.0.0 release. Rather,
we'll provide them in a separate release on the EML web site when we have them

Actions #8

Updated by Matthew Brooke almost 21 years ago

Jing is currently working on this - reassigning to him

Actions #9

Updated by Matt Jones almost 20 years ago

Done. Now the XSLT styles are stored in the EML module and work broadly for
EML, Morpho, and Metacat. Current version works with 2.0.1. Will need to
update them as new releases of EMl are created.

Actions #10

Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

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