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36. The Data Source tab

Added by Michael Lee over 17 years ago. Updated over 17 years ago.

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The data source tab of the map should be combined with the legend so that the click on and off option is immediately visible. (If that is not possible, then we should we should order the sources in the same order used on the legend tab.)

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Updated by Michael Lee over 17 years ago

This bug is originally from "other ideas and observations from Peet and Weakley"

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Updated by Robert Peet over 17 years ago

27 Oct 06 Peter White sent RKP an email as follows: " One question on the atlas, that probably has come up and will be eventually dealt with: The colored records overlay each other in a certain order: For instance, the RAB records of Epidendrum magnoliae, if overlain by NCU records, map in red as NCU records, with only those records not present as NCU specimens showing as RAB Green. If you turn off NCU records, you do see the RAB original map. In other words, the display assumes a ranking of data sources. I think that needs to be explained...or even represented on the map (the county could be read but with some imposed symbol indicating multiple records besides the specimen). I know that one can do this manually and figure it out, but still think it is significant enough to explain in some way."

RKP asked for suggestions as to how this.

White responded "I suppose another alternative, simpler than layers of info on one screen, is to have the default window be the one with the data source check boxes and to do the following in terms of the map colors on the initial
map. The first thing you would see after a search would be a map of all sources with only two colors, one for a determined concept and one for the ambiguous concepts. The mapped records would be from all sources
combined. Then, using the check boxes you could look "underneath" the map, by alternatively turning RAB or NCU or CVS etc on or off. You see the RAB view of the world, the NCU view of the world, the CVS view of the world, the USDA view of the world."

In effect, Peter is also asking for the check boxes for sources to be immediately visible. This confirms our earlier impression as to the importance of this bug. However, I am not inclined at this tim to follow Peter's suggestion of only two colors.

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Updated by Xianhua Liu over 17 years ago

The legend is dynamically created by the server to reflect changes in data source selection. It is hard, if not possible, to combine source selection page with legend page. It's easier to keep the source order the same as those in the legend. I will go back to this issue after I finish other easier and fatal ones.

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Updated by Robert Peet over 17 years ago

Seems like the programming would not be that hard if the current source page were maintained as a not visible page, and the map page had an additional bit added simply reflecting the selections in the current source page. Similarly, to change the source setting, the new settings would be piped back to the current source page and then back out again. Seems a bit like a hack, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

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