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X-IL record does not appear on map; Need category for misc records

Added by Robert Peet over 15 years ago. Updated over 15 years ago.

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We need a way to collect a number of small piles of collections into one group for purposes of mapping. The current WEWO project is pretty small and we can anticipate adding more. Today a new group called X-IL was added for extraneous collection records from the University of Illinois, of which we have two records. These two groups and future ones like them should probably be grouped together as a single set of collections for mapping purposes (while remaining separate in the database) perhaps called "Other collections". In addition, note that the X-IL group does not display on the map yet, though it does display in the collections. Perhaps the control panel needs some way to indicate which sets are shown separatelyu, adn which get lumped.


#1 Updated by xianhua liu over 15 years ago

I added "X-IL" as a new data source to the map. Please try this on the new collections from this new source.

We have split the ambiguous group into individual data source for clearer presentation of the data. For the same reason, I prefer to keep the collections from other sources the same way as we did for the ambiguous records.


#2 Updated by Robert Peet over 15 years ago

I tired and it seems to have failed.
The one IL taxon I know is Lycopodium hickeyi. I see two problems.

1) I search the above taxon and nothing comes up in the list of possible
taxa, though if I simply enter it I will be redicted to the synonym
that Weakley recognizes: Dendrolycopodium hickeyi. Why does the website not
offer the correct name as an option.

2) When the map is created, the IL collection is not on the map. However, it is listed among the specimens. Probably, rather than adding an IL check box,
we should add a check box for miscellaneous collections. A complicating
factor here is that we should allow the identifications of the miscellaneous to be to concept and the concept source will vary among records.

#3 Updated by Robert Peet over 15 years ago

1. The X-IL record appears in specimens but not on the map.

#4 Updated by Robert Peet over 15 years ago

The X-IL record appears in specimens but not on the map

Unlike the related problem with WEWO (bug 2615), we here do not even see the record when we click on the county.

We do still need to add an option for miscellaneous records (usually literature) as described earlier for this bug. Otherwise the number of sources will become unmanageably large for the map legend.

#5 Updated by xianhua liu over 15 years ago


The reason why X-IL records do not show up is that the herbarium specify database uses "X-ILL" (sometimes "X-ILLS") instead of "X-IL". I replaced "X-IL" with "X-ILL" everywhere necessary. Now X-ILL records come up. But the "X-ILLS" records still do not show up in the map. I am not sure if "X-ILLS" is a new specimen source or it is just a spelling error in the Specify database.

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