Bug #3130


Add an accelerator (keyboard shortcut) for opening a new blank workflow

Added by Derik Barseghian over 16 years ago. Updated about 16 years ago.

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Add an accelerator for opening a new blank workflow canvas (File => New Workflow => Blank).

Unless 'n' is taken I will use it. e.g. apple-n will be the accelerator on a mac for this action.

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Updated by Chad Berkley about 16 years ago

If this bug is easily fixable, do it. If not, postpone it.

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Updated by Derik Barseghian about 16 years ago

I'll postpone. Looking in, where I thought this change might go (now I'm not sure), it isn't immediately apparent to me how to add the accelerator for Kepler's New Workflow => Blank menu item has this about the New file menu item:

// The mnemonic isn't set in the static
// initializer because JMenu doesn't have an
// appropriate constructor.
// New button disabled by default.
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Updated by Daniel Crawl about 16 years ago

This has been implemented in

However, already set meta-n to create new instances of class actors. I changed this to meta-i and added the modified ClassDefinitionController to exp/ptolemy/.

I'm leaving this bug open since ClassDefinitionController will need to be committed to Ptolemy CVS. Otherwise, if Ptolemy and Kepler are going to use different accelerators for the same action, then this should be stored in different configuration files instead of the source code.

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Updated by Christopher Brooks about 16 years ago

I merged these changes into the ptII tree, but not into
the ptII rel-7-0-beta-2 branch for two reasons:
1) Adding Control-N to open a new blank graph seems like a new feature
not a bug fix
2) Currently, there have been no new changes added to the rel-7-0-beta-2
branch, so what shipped in Ptolemy II 7.0.1 is unchanged.

If we end up making further modifications to rel-7-0-beta-2, then it
might be useful to add this change to kepler-1.0, but it might require
doc changes etc. So, let's just leave this one out of rel-7-0-beta-2
unless there is clamor for it.
This bug could be marked as Fixed once someone verifies that it is fixed
in the devel branch.

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Updated by Daniel Crawl about 16 years ago

Thanks Christopher, works great.

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Updated by Redmine Admin about 11 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 3130


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