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Advanced Search needs some attention

Added by Callie Bowdish over 14 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Currently the KNB has a link to the advanced search. The advanced search is too slow and does not have very many advanced search options. I do not think it is working with the improvements that have been made for query caching.

the LTER skins advanced search on the KNB metacat has more options but the search is very slow

However the advanced search on the LTER metacat (not knb) appears to be working fine. Maybe their solution will help with updating our advanced search. I'm not sure why the advanced search is working well and the metacat is so slow.

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#1 Updated by Duane Costa over 14 years ago

Jing, I think I have an explanation for why advanced search in the LTER skin would be faster at than at The key is the indexPaths property in the file. I have fine-tuned the indexPaths setting at LTER such that all EML fields searched by the advanced search code are included in the indexPaths list. When this is not the case, the advanced search does perform extremely slow (as you are seeing at knb).

Below is the setting that we are using at LTER. If you cross-reference the values used in with those at, you will probably find a number of fields that were added to the LTER setting (and perhaps some fields that are used in KNB but not at LTER).


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We basically know that searching on non-indexed paths takes a very long time. This will ultimately be replaced by the SOLR-implementation and we will just have to conscious of index paths being correct for any pathquery that is submitted via default skins in the interim.

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