Bug #375

morpho fails to display access metadata

Added by Matt Jones almost 21 years ago. Updated over 20 years ago.

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The new version of Morpho fails to display the access metadata associated with
older versions of EML. This seems to be because Morpho is configured to only
view the most recent version of EML in the config.xml file. For example, if I
have an old package that had an eml-access 2.0.0beta4 document associated with
it, and I try to open it under the new morpho, the access doc does not show up
in the list of other metadata. But if you edit the config.xml file and change
all references from "beta6" to "beta4" and relaunch morpho the files then show up.

The solution to this is to have morpho support multiple doctypes for each role
like access control. So, instead of a single "access_doctype" parameter, morpho
should take a list of doctypes. This is also true of other roles for doctypes
like "package_doctype" and any others. The idea is to have morpho work
seamlessly across EML upgrades and changes.

We may also want Morpho to be able to automatically connect to a server and
download the most recent version of eml with all of the relevant config files so
that users can easily upgrade their version of eml without understanding the
cryptic way in which Morpho configuration works.


#1 Updated by Matt Jones almost 21 years ago

FIXED. Morpho config can now take a list of doctypes for each of the relevant
types. The first in the list is used as the default for creating new documents.
Tested using access, entity, resource, and attribute docs from both eml 2beta4
and eml 2beta6.

Still might want to consider the automatics eml upgrade, but we'll deal with
that separately.

#2 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 375

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