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Track project completeness

Added by Michael Lee over 13 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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We'd like to know how complete various projects are, both in terms of data populated by group of fields (e.g. geocoordinates, soils, cover data, stem data) and where in the data process the data are(in entry db or some other format, hand-error checking done, logical error checking done, in archive db).

Some of this is readily queryable in the database, but some of the other stuff may need further tracking, such as what's been completed in terms of data process (hand-error checking, etc)

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#1 Updated by Michael Lee over 13 years ago

this is a task with priority

#2 Updated by Michael Lee over 13 years ago

The viewer (version v203_p0203-b01) can now attach to a series of databases, both archive and entry, and extract statistics on project completion, then color code these based on how complete each statistic is. The first cut of the resulting document can be found here:

The FORMULA for each percentage is stored (e.g. 12/17) so if you click on a cell, it shows the numbers in the formula bar. Some stats have secondary statistics seeing if there is partial data for something (e.g. ground cover). If you click on these cells, a comment shows you the secondary statistic. Comments also explain each statistic header, on the top of the column.

Note that the coloring is dark green if = 100% and light green for >=75% and <100%, then yellow between 50 and 75, light red for 25-50 and bright red for 0-25%. Where there are no plots, no coloring is done. The dark green at 100% only helps distinguish where rounding makes the percent 100, but it really isn't (e.g. project 28 state is 286/287, which rounds to 100 but isn't = 100, so it gets color light green).

Note further that sometimes data is in both the archive and entry tool. Project 62, for example, has all area defined in archive, but not in entry tool, so it is in between and has 2 rows, 1 for archive and 1 for entry.

Some comments on what needs improving would be appreciated. I view this as a rough draft.

#3 Updated by Forbes Boyle over 11 years ago

done in the viewer under summary button on main menu.

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