From 03/31/2011 to 04/29/2011


09:01 AM Bug #5389 (New): Finalize CF data for Community Description Analysis (Peet and Wentworth)
Peet and Wentworth are going to analyze data, so data need to be ready. Forbes Boyle
09:00 AM Bug #5388 (New): Migrate CF projects to Archive DB
CF projects need to be QC'd and migrated. Forbes Boyle
08:58 AM Bug #5387 (New): Update CF classification based on numerical (distance) analysis
Our classification was analyzed in an attempt to find outliers and possible candidate replacement communities, as des... Forbes Boyle
08:54 AM Bug #5386 (New): Identify maritime fringe unknown specimens
There are 5-10 projects with unknown specimens left to ID and triage. These will be needed in Fall 2011 CF analysis. Forbes Boyle
08:46 AM Bug #5385 (New): Project 58 (Syngenta)
Part 1: split plots into a) field, b) field-edge, and c) woods (DONE)
Part 2: arrange field and field edge module-co...
Forbes Boyle
08:40 AM Bug #5384 (New): Collections spreadsheets verification
We want to be able to browse for a collection spreadsheet and determine what percentage of the updated specimens are ... Forbes Boyle
08:38 AM Bug #5383 (New): Updating GUIDs for taxon observations
This will allow better annotation and updating of our taxa, says MLee. Will also help upgrade to Weakley 2010. Forbes Boyle
08:35 AM Bug #5382 (New): Incorporate Wiser's Classification into the Archive DB
Mike, Mike, Forbes, Alan, Milo & Tom,
Ah, plot 14-89. I fear we may be looking at the tip of the proverbial iceber...
Forbes Boyle
08:26 AM Bug #4378: Classification Automation Tools
1a is done.
1b is being worked on by Forbes and John Benning.
IMPORTANT: need to bring the results of what they do b...
Forbes Boyle
08:24 AM Bug #3916: Evaluate georeferencing standards of CVS (and VegBank)
Michael looked at this and we don't seem to have any major problems. Forbes Boyle
08:24 AM Bug #3787: Decide on better project management software/approach
we'll try bugzilla for a while. Forbes Boyle
08:22 AM Bug #2903: Deafult Values Manager: allow searching field names and values (and allow show all) and table labels, too.
not necessary. Forbes Boyle
08:19 AM Bug #3010: Should encode strings in URL requesting mapping of plots
function exists in migration tool, copy it and include in viewer. Forbes Boyle
08:17 AM Bug #4155: Add all fields to reference webpage/site
this is fine. Forbes Boyle
08:17 AM Bug #3011: Logical check: reasonable sizes between ddh, Ht, DBH
implemented, but will be removed with ddh gets removed. Forbes Boyle
08:16 AM Bug #2664: 5 errs remain: Project 74 (Cape Fear Riparian): 62 plots
added to archive! Forbes Boyle
08:12 AM Bug #3791: Track project completeness
done in the viewer under summary button on main menu. Forbes Boyle


12:34 PM Bug #5111: "Site" record should be "Sight" record on color key
see URL for example!
Michael Lee

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