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Meta data associated with assessement items is incorrectly retrieved in the downloaded data package

Added by Sandeep Namilikonda about 14 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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Jay created a new assessment called Permission Test 1 with 8 questions,
each of which had one or more meta data associated with. We then looked at
four places to confirm that meta data was being retrieved correctly.
a) XML file saved locally
b) The parser interface when the assessment is re-opened
c) On the FIRST website by viewing the details about an assessment, and
d) Downloaded data package.

Case 1: Multiple Bloom and NBII metadata added

  • Five distinct metadata items on the whole added to the assessment.
  • Q1 has both bloom and nbii items
- XML file:     No errors
- Parser: No errors (all meta data displayed correctly)
- Website: No errors (all meta data displayed correctly when the
details link is clicked)
- Download: * One item is completely missing * For another item, the thesarus category is completely
missing and all the questions have a TRUE value in that
Incorrectly retrieving metadata on the transpose
e.g., missing items, missing metadata class, and
incorrect association of meta data to
Non-transpose data set missing meta data items on
multiple questions. Although, there were questions
for which one meta data per source (Bloom and NBII)
was listed.

Case 2: Multiple Bloom, NBII, and manually added meta data to Permission Test 1

- XML file:     No errors
- Parser: No errors
- Website: No errors
- Download: Similar errors as above


Related issues

Blocks FIRST - Bug #4376: "?column?" appears as the header for last foil in downloaded dataResolvedben leinfelder09/10/2009

Actions #2

Updated by ben leinfelder about 14 years ago

Trying to track this down...but now since the permissions were tinkered with I can't actually access the data file.
If you can [re] grant access to us for reading the data I can look at this on my end again.

Actions #3

Updated by Jay Lee about 14 years ago

If you are talkign about the datapackae "Permission Test 1",
I re-granted the access as public.

Actions #4

Updated by ben leinfelder about 14 years ago

i've fixed this for the non-transposed data download - you should see all metadata fields correctly on fred now.

for transposed data there's a problem that i believe stems from another bug where the column headers appear as "?column?" - this prevents us from knowing that the column contains "metadata" fields that should be added to that special matrix - the matrix then gets very skewed by missing vocabs/values.

i believe this bug will go away when the other bug is addressed. of course i was hoping we could live with the "?column?" bug - apparently not!

Actions #5

Updated by Mark Urban-Lurain about 14 years ago

If multiple concepts belong to the same vocabulary, only the first concept has
a corresponding vocabulary listed (e.g., column T, qid: jlee.3322.7)

Actions #6

Updated by Mark Urban-Lurain about 14 years ago

Using the same CSV file attached:
Note that column V has not got a heading, it should be qmetadatavocabulary_4. qmetadatavocabulary_3 should have a value NBII for the first question. Each vocabulary column should have the vocabulary value (unless it was user entered and not from the selected list) so that there is no ambiguity about which vocabulary was the source. This should also be reflected in the transposed download file when it is created so that there are no blank values in column A (the vocabulary column).

Actions #7

Updated by ben leinfelder about 14 years ago

I've addressed the following:
-blank vocabulary columns for repeated vocabs (requires new Morpho build)
-improper column headers for metadata
-missing metadata for normal download
-erroneous metadata on transpose

Actions #8

Updated by ben leinfelder about 14 years ago

note: "" vocabulary is now "default" so that there is no confusion about empty cells in download - this is part of the new Morpho build

Actions #9

Updated by Jay Lee about 14 years ago

the student data with original format

Actions #10

Updated by Jay Lee about 14 years ago

So I tested the meta data issues with the newly created data package, Permission test 3 that has numeic student score and response data as well as PDF student response with one file for each student.

I used the latest Morpho to pharse the exam and upload it to Fred. The latest version of Morpho means that it has cooperated the modified function related to meta data issue and permission made by Ben.

The downloaded student data(not transposed version) does not contain correct meta data for each item.
for example, the question, id=jlee.3343.1, does have four meta data attached into item like below.

Knowledge from Bloom
Chemicanl Analysis and Polymers from NBII
Nucleic from manually typed in(default according to Ben's definition)

the downloaded student data only has two meta data one from Bloom, Knowledge, and Polymers from NBII. the other two meta data are missing.

Actions #11

Updated by ben leinfelder about 14 years ago

Jay is reporting metadata missing

Actions #12

Updated by Sandeep Namilikonda about 14 years ago

Most recent tests revealed that the missing meta data could be attributed to
some browser related issues, for which, a different bug has been filed.

In my tests (on WinXP + Chrome browser), I obtained 100% correct retrieval of
all the meta data items associated with an assessment. So, I am going to update
the status to "Works for me".

Actions #13

Updated by Redmine Admin over 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4452


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