Bug #4669

report layout changes, but text field displays previous content

Added by Oliver Soong about 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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This is at r22494. I create a trivial workflow (SDF only, 1 iteration) and a report with a text field. I enter some text into field and run. The report looks normal. I then go back to the layout, change the text, and run again. The debug output on the console indicates reporting is picking up the previous text, and that's what I see if I view the report. The report layout and viewer re-sync if I run again.


#1 Updated by Oliver Soong about 12 years ago

Some more information. This seems to only happen if I only click in the text field once while changing it. Double-clicking a word and typing won't cause problems, but click-and-drag to highlight and typing will.

#2 Updated by Oliver Soong about 12 years ago

Actually, it's even weirder. It only seems to happen with click-drag to select when moving from right to left, but not left to right.

So in the text box, enter "old text". Click-drag from right to left to select "text" and type "words". Click-drag from right to left to select "old" and type "new". Run.

#3 Updated by Oliver Soong about 12 years ago

I should also point out that Comment 1 is wrong about only clicking once. The double-click seems to cause a left-right highlight.

#4 Updated by ben leinfelder about 12 years ago

This sounds like a problem with the text field value not properly being stored in the underlying ReportLayout model.
Debi - will you investigate this?

#5 Updated by debi staggs almost 12 years ago

This was just getting the text from the wrong place. Fixed now.

#6 Updated by Redmine Admin almost 9 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 4669

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