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11:01 AM Kepler Bug #4872: listen to director throws error
Oh, and it doesn't seem to cause any serious problems.
11:00 AM Kepler Bug #4872: listen to director throws error
I'm also seeing something like this when I run, sometimes. I get:
10:53 AM Kepler Bug #4881 (New): RExpression outputs [false] for any matrix of booleans
In an RExpression, add an output port "out" and use this R script:
out <- matrix(c(TRUE, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE), 2)
10:45 AM Kepler Bug #4880 (New): RExpression cannot output matrix of strings
Create an RExpression with the output port "out" and for the script, use:
out <- matrix(letters, 2)
Looking at...
10:37 AM Kepler Bug #4879 (New): RExpression replaces ) in string vectors with } when outputting to a port
In an RExpression, create the output port "out" and in the R script, use:
out <- c("(", ")")
Hooking this to a...


02:14 PM Kepler Bug #4872 (Resolved): listen to director throws error
Add an SDF Director and the Tools->Listen to Director. An error pops up on the console:
Error creating action fo...


02:23 PM Kepler Bug #4870 (New): searching for packages with the same name from multiple sources sometimes loses results
I have packages soong.4.14 and soong.28.5 on DEV and soong.4.15 and soong.28.9 on KNB. They all have the same title....
11:04 AM Kepler Bug #4869 (In Progress): changes made to workflows during dialogs before committing (Edit Parameters/Cancel)
When I make changes to an actor through the dialog, it seems like the changes are made to the workflow immediately, b...


03:45 PM Kepler Bug #4846: error opening kar from local repository
I also noticed that, after restarting Kepler, the KAR and local repository *are* listed in the components pane, but t...
03:38 PM Kepler Bug #4846: error opening kar from local repository
I just noticed, but I'm getting 2 of these errors every time I save to the local repository:
ERROR (org.kepler.obje...

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