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Examine HTML skins for EML

Added by Margaret O'Brien over 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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examine EML default HTML-skins to make sure that they reflect good EML practice, and that labels and layout are intuitive to non-developers. This is especially important so that EML will reflect positively on applications which present it, like Metacat.


#1 Updated by gastil gastil over 10 years ago

List of xsl issues to fix or improve:

Categorized into (A) Missing content or functionality vs (B) Layout or labeling.

(A) Missing content or functionality

  • <ulink url=""> not made into an <a href="">. The old skins missed this also. See Margaret's text template.
(B) Layout or labeling
  • de-couple the width of the physical description and other table-level eml display from the width of the table displaying attribute metadata. Often there are so many columns as to render the above <tr> too wide. See for example how showDataset table width for attributeList pushes outside its parent table's width. That is not a bug. That's a feature. Some attributeLists have > 100 attributes.
  • consider moving the table-level coverage and constraints to below the attribute information.
  • Table layout in methods sampling description: See for example knb-lter-gce.1.19 (inserted into demo2 as knb-test-gce.1.19). The text of the description gets smushed way over to the right column while the label "Description" takes up most of the page width.
  • "Number of Foot lines" to "Number of Footer lines".
  • entityName appears in html as if it were the entityLabel. Good to display both, but large/bold labeling one should be label. (in a <th> perhaps) Understood that entityLabel is not a required element.
  • link to "Domain Info" change to "Allowed values and codes defined". This is per feedback from our data users who did not know what Domain Info was.
  • hide the xml download of the EML file at the bottom of the page. If someone knows to want it, they'll know to look for it. Too often, our data users think they're going to get a formatted-for-humans file.
  • hide <access>. Unless there is really a desire to see this info, perhaps it should not even be displayed. And it is not good to advertise usernames.

#2 Updated by gastil gastil over 10 years ago

Adding to the list, in category (A) Missing content or functionality

  • "Sampling Unit Location" is blank when eml does contain spatialSamplingUnits/coverage/boundingCoordinates. The sibling geographicDescription is displayed with the label "Sampling Area and Frequency".
    Example: knb-lter-fce.515.1 which is eml 2.0.1

#3 Updated by gastil gastil over 10 years ago

another permutation on missing methods text...
(A) Missing content or functionality

  • When there is no section/para, just methodStep/description, then the just-text in the description does not appear in the html.
    ie docId knb-lter-mcr.99910109.6 in demo2
    <description>A method step for this dataset</description>

#4 Updated by gastil gastil over 10 years ago

Category (B) Layout or Labeling ... though a rather embarrassing one.

  • A <literalLayout> inside a <section> is causing text to appear twice in the html.

See for example
I looked in the EML doc and there is nothing repeated there.

The abstract/section/para/literalLayout is repeated in the html.
The intellectualRights/section/para/itemizedlist/listitem/para/literalLayout are all repeated
But the methodStep/description/para/literalLayout are NOT repeated

It only gets repeated when the literalLayout is under a section.

  • literalLayout is not getting rendered as pre

A good reason for stalling on fixing that one is that a lot of existing EML in the LTER catalog still uses literalLayout when pre is NOT intended, due to not understanding its purpose. That is gradually getting fixed. So, just as well that the skins not fix this just yet. Unfortunately, there is also some EML which is using literalLayout as intended, and that isnt getting rendered properly yet.

#5 Updated by gastil gastil over 10 years ago

Actually, in the intel rights of that example

the text gets repeated THREE times: twice as para and then a third time all concatenated together as if there were no listitem nor para tags.

#6 Updated by Margaret O'Brien about 10 years ago

Two SBC LTER datasets, when viewed through the LTER skins yield a blank page:

This does not happen through the KNB skins, but I thought were the same as what LTER used. So this might not be a general bug.

These 2 datasets are EML 2.1, and have inline data in a CDATA section.

#7 Updated by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

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