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12:06 PM Metacat Bug #5696 (Resolved): pathQuery returns eml docs which have no public access granted
As far as I remember, non-public eml docs did not used to be returned in pathQuery result sets in earlier versions of... gastil gastil


08:14 AM EML Bug #5617: date time format strings need a system
Hi Matt, Well stated. I would assign higher than normal importance to this one because the temporal dimension of ecol... gastil gastil


06:16 PM EML Bug #5615: Examine HTML skins for EML
Actually, in the intel rights of that example
gastil gastil
06:12 PM EML Bug #5615: Examine HTML skins for EML
Category (B) Layout or Labeling ... though a rather embarrassing one.
* A <literalLayout> inside a <section> is caus...
gastil gastil


06:16 PM EML Bug #5615: Examine HTML skins for EML
another permutation on missing methods text...
(A) Missing content or functionality
* When there is no section/para,...
gastil gastil


03:31 PM EML Bug #5615: Examine HTML skins for EML
Adding to the list, in category (A) Missing content or functionality
* "Sampling Unit Location" is blank when eml do...
gastil gastil
01:15 PM EML Bug #5615: Examine HTML skins for EML
List of xsl issues to fix or improve:
Categorized into (A) Missing content or functionality vs (B) Layout or labelin...
gastil gastil


07:50 PM EML Bug #5618: odd characters cause html display of eml to fail
Another example of this is the difference between
gastil gastil
11:38 AM EML Bug #5618: odd characters cause html display of eml to fail
To clarify this bug, see knb-lter-bug.4103.2 versus knb-lter-bug.4103.3 in demo2.
The only difference is the presenc...
gastil gastil
10:19 AM Metacat Bug #5620: access order="denyFirst" now means public deny (except pre-existing docs)
Results of pathQuery:
In the current inventory on the LTER metacat, the only occurance of access order="denyFirst" a...
gastil gastil

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