Bug #5703

GUI bug - Deleting an Actor with connected port causes a diamond relation to be created.

Added by Derik Barseghian almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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In the last week or so I've begun seeing a few GUI anomalies on trunk. One is:

Deleting an actor with a connected port causes a diamond relation to be created. If you undo the delete, the deleted actor returns, but the relation from actor1 to actor2 now connects via the diamond relation.

Drag out a Constant and a Display.
Connect output of Constant to input of Display.
Delete Display
Bug: diamond relation appears on canvas

This bug occurs in both kepler and vergil.


#1 Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 10 years ago

I think is caused by one of these changes:

2012-08-23 21:43 eal

  • [r64468] /trunk/diva/canvas/interactor/
    Removed overly aggressive prevention of NPE that also prevented a
    legitimate relation from occurring.

2012-08-23 21:42 eal

  • [r64467] /trunk/diva/canvas/ More tightly
    targetted prevention of a non-reproducible NPE upon dragging and
    connecting ports.

#2 Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 10 years ago

I think I was wrong about what causes this, more to follow.

#3 Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 10 years ago

The problem is reproducible after this change:
2012-08-18 17:08 eal

  • [r64430] /trunk/ptolemy/actor/,
    /trunk/ptolemy/moml/ Fixed long standing deadlock
    that occurs while editing models while they run

Edward and I spent some time last week trying to reproduce the problem,
but could not.

I can reproduce the problem by deleting the Display or the Const.

#4 Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 10 years ago

Fixed by Edward:

I've checked in a change that I hope fixes the problem we were
chasing today. The cause is interesting...

When we edit a model, the editor constructs a MoML string for
the edit actions. E.g., to remove a Display actor, it says:

<deleteEntity name="Display"/>

It passes this string to a MoMLChangeRequest, and calls
requestChange() to request that the change be executed.

If the model is not running, then the change request will
be executed immediately within the requestChange() method.

However, executing a change request may result in additional
changes being requested... E.g., an additional change may
be requested to remove a relation.

Before my checkin, that second change request was NOT being
executed immediately. It would just sit in a queue until
it was time execute another change request (e.g., move an

The new code in NamedObj is now also simpler:

public void requestChange(ChangeRequest change) {
NamedObj container = getContainer();
if (container != null) {
} else {
// Synchronize to make sure we don't modify
// the list of change requests while some other
// thread is also trying to read or modify it.
synchronized (_changeLock) {
// Queue the request.
// Create the list of requests if it doesn't already exist
if (_changeRequests == null) {
_changeRequests = new LinkedList<ChangeRequest>();
if (!_deferChangeRequests) {

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