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linux version run file improperly configured

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Linux installer worked fine, but running ./morpho on Ubunto 12.04 doesn't find the correct java environment.

Here's the output of


Here's java config: sudo update-alternatives --config java
There is only one alternative in link group java: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java
Nothing to configure.

Note that java directory structure on 64 bit machine separates common and 64 bit libs in /usr/lib/jvm/ as: java-6-openjdk-amd64 java-6-openjdk-common


#1 Updated by Jim Regetz almost 10 years ago

Are you manually setting your JAVA_HOME that way? Or perhaps it's being set somewhere in your ~/.bash_profile or a related config file on your machine, a holdover of some previous configuration? I think the OpenJDK split directory structure is new in Ubuntu 12.04, certainly relative to the last LTS.

In any case, it works fine for me to specify the correct 64-bit SDK root path (which you mentioned in your report):

JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64 ./morpho

For what it's worth, I actually use java-6-sun with Morpho, as I have had some issues using the open source Java implementations in the past -- mostly in rendering of GUI elements as I recall. But those observations are pretty dated, and it would be great to learn that OpenJDK is perfectly suitable. Just bear in mind that if you notice any odd behaviors, you might want to see if they disappear on the Sun JVM.

#2 Updated by ben leinfelder almost 10 years ago

Hi Carl,
The morpho script that shipped with v1.10.0 requires that JAVA_HOME be set by you and that it is a valid Java home directory. Jim has updated the script to loosen this requirement and be "smarter" about finding installed versions on your system. If you'd like to try that updated script, you can find it in our SVN repository or wait until the next release of Morpho which will include it.

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