Jim Regetz





09:51 AM Morpho Bug #5708: linux version run file improperly configured
Are you manually setting your JAVA_HOME that way? Or perhaps it's being set somewhere in your ~/.bash_profile or a re...


02:50 PM Kepler Bug #5611 (New): LinearModel actor doesn't handle input variables properly
The R code in the RExpression-based LinearModel actor has several problems:
1. In a linear model, it's the _independ...


09:32 PM Morpho Bug #5421: trouble setting $JAVA_HOME: ls: cannot access ./lib/*.jar: No such file or directory
For what it's worth, on my linux box I keep a simple bash script named 'morpho' in ~/bin (which is on my path). I jus...


02:26 PM Morpho Bug #5238: Use UTF-8 for file reading and writing
I'll put in a vote for including an explicit encoding declaration in the EML docs that Morpho creates:
<?xml version...


11:23 AM Metacat Bug #5114 (Resolved): ESA registry: Bad link in 'register dataset' instructions
If you click the Register Data menu link without being logged in, it returns a page of registration instructions. Und...


11:58 AM Morpho Bug #5058: Access wizard mishandles certain combinations of allow/deny elements
I think there are a few separate issues, all in the Access setPageData method. Proposed patch attached, with explanat...
05:40 PM Morpho Bug #5058 (Resolved): Access wizard mishandles certain combinations of allow/deny elements
Morpho substrings XPaths improperly in certain cases when extracting data for the Access wizard, ultimately causing i...


09:47 AM Morpho Bug #5046 (Resolved): wrong text label for attributeOrientation in xsl
Open jscientist.7.2 in Morpho and look at the entity metadata panel on the right. Under Physical Structure Descriptio...


03:03 PM Metacat Bug #4843: ESA registry: Remove 'station' default value from Organization Name
On second thought, I'll take this one step further.
It doesn't make sense for Organization Name to appear as a field...
01:29 PM Metacat Bug #5007 (New): ESA registry: Logout link appears even when not logged in
Even when I'm not logged in, I see the Logout link rather than the expected Login link in the top menu at http://data...

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