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Visualization of certain data files types

Added by Lauren Walker over 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Brought on by the data visualization that will be created by Jessica Couture for the EVOS data synthesis.

1. Display image files in the data package
MertacatUI can scan the contents of a data package, pull out image files (and possibly PDFs) and display those images in the Metadata view. This is the simpler and easier option. This allows creators to interpret the data and use their preferred software to visualize it. This option will require a new revision of each dataset.

2. Read in tabular data and draw charts dynamically
MetacatUI can read the metadata for a tabular data file and try to interpret the format in order to draw a line chart, pie chart, etc. This would take a lot of work to make sure erroneous graphs aren't all over the place. It risks showing graphs that don't make any sense.


Task #6509: Display images in the metadata viewResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6534: Test packages with multiple imagesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6535: Test images with high resolutionResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6536: Test all image file typesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6537: Test image with transparency for design purposesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6538: Test small images for design purposesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6539: Do not preload all images in the lightbox galleryResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6540: Display an image caption from information in the metadataResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6543: Display PDFs from data packages in the MetadataViewResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6550: Display images as thumbnails ResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6511: Display a thumbnail of the data images in the search result listRejectedLauren Walker

Task #6524: Choose a JS lightbox libraryResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6527: Add Fancybox to the MetacatUI Require.js configResolvedLauren Walker


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  • Subject changed from Data visualization in Metadata View to Visualization of certain data files types

#2 Updated by Lauren Walker over 8 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0

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