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Production-ready DataONE theme

Added by Lauren Walker about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The production ready DataONE theme will be released in version 1.7.0 along with the new provenance features and v2 of the DataONE API. This deprecates the DataONE theme in v1.6.X which was intended as a proof-of-concept only.


Task #6685: Add List Mode/Map Mode controls to the new map search designResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6655: Spatial coverage map is not being added to the Metadata view in the Dataone themeResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6632: Display the Member Node logo in the Metadata View in the DataONE themeResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6717: Add OpenURL COinS to the search result listingResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6719: Tighten up space in the header and footer in the search view ResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6720: Replace the DataONE theme navigation when the site gets updatedResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6721: Use a DataONE favicon in the DataONE themeResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6694: UX evaluationResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6744: Remove abstract from result rowResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6703: Dropdown menu from username in upper-right gets cut off screenResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6747: Check cross-browser visual consistency and functionalityRejectedLauren Walker

Task #6748: The first data coverage year is not being used in the year sliderResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6749: Taxon search not working in DataONE themeResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6750: Use the loading template in the search result list while it is loading ResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6751: Replace the folder iconResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6753: Clearing filters not workingResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6762: User testing at DUG July 12ResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6770: Test search interface with slow network connectionResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6771: Identifier filter should query for partial matchesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6772: Add "Jump to" and "Go to" input in navigation bar to jump to metadata page, given an IDResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6773: Have a stable deployment of search interface and index for UA team testing by early JulyResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6774: Find bugs and inconsistencies in different browsers and OSResolvedRachel Volentine

Task #6780: Cross-origin resource sharing issues in IE and some versions of FFResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6790: Download contents table is positioned oddly in Forefox38 on Windows 7ResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6775: Filter list shows whited-out boxes on high resolution displaysResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6776: Move the Google Map controls to the top-left cornerResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6763: Member node filters are a little buggyResolved

Task #6765: Bugs with zooming in and out on the Gmaps interfaceResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6766: Navigating back to search results doesnt always have the same map zoom ResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6782: Zooming into the map returns inconsistent results sometimesResolvedLauren Walker

Task #6784: Show a link to collapse the member node filter list after it has been expandedResolvedLauren Walker


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