Task #6773

Story #6716: Production-ready DataONE theme

Task #6762: User testing at DUG July 12

Have a stable deployment of search interface and index for UA team testing by early July

Added by Lauren Walker over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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provenance-icon.png (488 KB) provenance-icon.png Lauren Walker, 07/02/2015 08:37 AM


#1 Updated by Lauren Walker about 7 years ago

I've deployed two versions of the search interface to use for the DUG user testing:

1. : This shows production data and can be used for most of the search and metadata user testing.
2. : This shows testing data (cn-sandbox-2) with the new provenance features. A dataset with provenance info is here: I don't think we will need to do any search testing on this interface, although it would be helpful to hear whether the provenance icon in the search result list is an understandable indicator of provenance metadata. (See attached screenshot)

#2 Updated by Matt Jones about 7 years ago

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Lauren -- It looks like the endpoint on is not using the view service to display metadata records, so the individual metadata displays are impoverished. It would be better to have the participants review the UI as we intend to have it deployed in production. I guess this means we would need to point it at a CN supporting the V2 APIs? Or maybe we just point out that the metadata view should be reviewed on a good record on search.test?

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